Klook unlocks work and travel scheme

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 May 2022: Klook, a leading travel and leisure e-commerce platform, has launched an all-new workcation initiative that enables its employees to travel and work anywhere.

Klook’s workcation initiative enables its employees to travel and work anywhere for up to 30 business days without tapping into their annual leave.

Photo Credit: Te lensFix on Pexels.

“Many firms are now exploring hybrid working models with a work-from-home and work-at-office arrangement… I’m thrilled to announce our workcation initiative to allow our employees to travel and work anywhere. Employees will not only continue to get their bills paid, but they will experience first-hand again the joys of travelling the world that many have missed the past two years,” said Klook Malaysia general manager Rachel Tan.

Many working professionals, especially millennials, have grown accustomed to remote working and seeking respite for their well-being in the past couple of years.

Based on Klook’s internal data, outbound bookings grew three times in April compared to February, signalling that the travel bug is stronger than ever, with overseas travel back on the table.

Singapore also leads the region in outbound bookings, closely followed by Thailand and South Korea. Users across the region are also looking at destinations like Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

In line with the burgeoning workcation trend, a 2021 study from Google revealed that in the Asia Pacific, the average length of stay has extended significantly since 2019, from three-and-half days to five days (85% of the respondents), with one in four travellers planning to spend over two weeks. Travellers are also hyper-focused and do not want to travel through multiple countries across Southeast Asia like before the pandemic.¹

¹ Know the endemic traveller: longer stays, hyper-focused, higher spending (interview with Google), WebInTravel, Oct 2021, Corrine Wan.

(Source: Bernama)


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