About Us

TTR Weekly – News for Southeast Asia’s travel planners since 1978 – is published by Ross Publishing Co Ltd.  (TTR is an abbreviation of Travel Trade Report).

Our core editorial focuses on the 10 nations of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

TTR Weekly provides independent daily news updates on airlines, hotels, tour operators, tourism offices and attractions. Plus there are trending reports on tourism and trip planning leads on popular destinations beyond Southeast Asia.

Ross Publishing Co Ltd  is a member of various travel trade associations and registered as a news and online media headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

TTR e-Magazine

 TTR e-Magazine is emailed mid-week to travel executives, worldwide who have registered online at www.ttrweekly.com.

TTR Weekly website

The website www.ttrweekly.com is updated every business day with eight fresh news stories.

TTR news alerts

A news alert containing links to the latest news stories is emailed every business days, Monday to Friday, to permission based subscribers worldwide who are interested in Southeast Asia travel.

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Email contact: info@rossttr.com
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TTR Weekly funds its operations by offering advertising placements. Advertisers cannot dictate editorial coverage, but may sponsor sections of our site, display advertisements around the content or present announcements, reviews and features through our service ‘Yours Stories’.

Updates & corrections
When we make a correction or receive an update to a story, we will update the original article with the new information identifying the revision date and when appropriate including an editor’s note.  The quickest way to suggest a correction is through a feedback comment online.

Feedback comment
TTR Weekly welcomes comments from readers. They can be posted online at the end of each report. However, they are subject to the editor’s approval and checked for relevance to the story’s theme and for possible libel law infringement in Thailand where TTR Weekly is registered.

Editorial contact: Don Ross, donr@rossttr.com