Rise and fall of pound and dollar

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NEW YORK, 18 January 2017: The dollar tumbled Tuesday after President-elect, Donald Trump, said the American currency was too strong, while the pound rallied after British Prime Minister Theresa May released her Brexit blueprint.

The fluctuations in foreign exchange came as most larger equity markets fell as markets look ahead to Friday’s inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump.

The greenback fell sharply against the euro, pound and other major currencies following a Trump interview, published in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, in which he called the dollar “too strong” and said China’s comparatively cheap currency was “killing us.” Read more

Awards for foodie tourism

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PORTLAND, OREGON, 11 January 2017: The World Food Travel Association (WFTA), announced last week that the 2017 FoodTrekking Awards for excellence in food and beverage tourism are now open.

Breaking away from the tradition of naming the Top 10, or best restaurants list, FoodTrekking Awards recognisesexperience excellence in 13 categories within the food and beverage tourism industry.

Food and beverage is the fastest-growing sector of travel, which itself is one of the world’s largest and most economically significant industries. Read more

JFK airport set for an upgrade

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NEW YORK, 6 January 2017: John F Kennedy International Airport, one of the busiest in the United States, will be getting a USD10-billion upgrade, New York’s state governor said Wednesday.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the plan calls for creating “a unified, interconnected airport that changes the passenger experience and makes the airport much easier to access and navigate”.

In a city that considers itself the centre of the universe, JFK airport is considered a modest 59th in the world in terms of passenger experience behind London Heathrow and Seoul, among many others. Read more

GE leasing buys 737s

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NEW YORK, 5 January 2016: Boeing won a contract to supply 75 single-aisle 737 Max 8 planes to General Electric’s airplane leasing arm worth USD8.25 billion at current listed prices, the companies announced Wednesday.

The order, booked in December, increases GE Capital Aviation Services’ backlog of the popular Boeing model to 170 planes.

Boeing said its 737 Max model has had a total of 3,419 orders, making it the aerospace giant’s fastest-selling plane in history. Read more

Drunk flyer faints

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MONTREAL, 4 January 2017: A Sunwing pilot was arrested Saturday after being found intoxicated in a plane he was about to maneuver out of Calgary airport in western Canada.

The 37-year-old man was found drunk shortly after 0700 in the cockpit of the plane he was supposed to pilot to Cancun, Mexico.

Before the flight was schedule to take off, the crew and other airline staff noticed the pilot’s behaving strangely before he fainted in the cockpit. They then alerted the authorities. Read more

Low-cost airlines drive growth

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MONTREAL, 4 January 2017: Worldwide passenger air traffic grew again last year, albeit at a slightly slower pace, led by the dynamic growth of low-cost air carriers, the International Civil Aviation Organisation reported Monday.

A total of 3.7 billion passengers were transported by the world’s airlines last year, a 6% increase from 2015. That was just under the previous year’s 7.1% rise, the United Nations agency said.

Growth was most pronounced in the Middle East (11.2%), Asia (8%), Latin America (6.5%) and Africa (5.7%), while it was slower in Europe (4.3%) and North America (3.5%). Read more

Qatar buys LATAM stake

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SANTIAGO, 30 December 2016: Qatar Airways bought a 10% stake Wednesday in LATAM, the largest airline in Latin America, the Chilean-Brazilian company said.

The investment, first announced last July, amounts to 60.8 million shares at a price of USD10 each, LATAM said in a statement.

The airline — the product of a 2012 merger between Chile’s LAN and Brazil’s TAM — said Qatar’s arrival as a stakeholder “represents a unique opportunity to develop a long-term relationship and explore new opportunities to connect with Asia and the Middle East”. Read more

Passengers battle airlines in court

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WASHINGTON, 29 December 2016: FlyersRights, a US-based airline passenger organisation, and Travellers United, have joined forces with an aggrieved airline passenger whose personal injury claim was denied by a Federal Appeals court.

In a short 2-1 decision, the 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals struck a blow against airline passenger rights with claims against airlines by refusing to recognise claims filed within two years in another country, unless also filed in a US court within the same two years.

There was, however, a lengthy dissenting opinion according to FlyersRights and Travellers United prompting them to file an ‘amicus curiae’ brief with the Supreme Court in support of the aggrieved passenger’s appeal. Read more

Suit shames social media

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CHICAGO, 22 December 2016: The families of three Orlando nightclub shooting victims have filed suit against Facebook, Twitter and Google accusing them of providing “material support” to the Islamic State group by allowing the spread of extremist propaganda that inspired the attack.

The assault by gunman Omar Mateen, who pledged allegiance to IS, left 49 people dead and 53 injured at the Pulse nightclub in June, in the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

The 29-year-old US-born American of Afghan descent was killed in a shootout with police after taking hostages. Read more

Delta grounds Arabic speaker

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NEW YORK, 22 December 2016: A Yemeni-American YouTube star from New York, Adam Saleh, called for a boycott of Delta Airlines after charging he was removed from one of its flights on Wednesday for speaking Arabic.

Delta said he was asked to leave the London to New York flight on Wednesday morning following an unspecified “disturbance”.

“We spoke a different language on the plane, and now we’re getting kicked out,” the 23-year-old prankster, who has more than 2.2 million YouTube followers, said in a video filmed as the incident unfolded, and posted on Twitter. Read more

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