Korea rolls out second heritage campaign

SEOUL, South Korea, 8 July 2021: The 2021 Visit Korean Heritage Campaign kicks off its second year with a broader range of programmes than the first edition in 2020.

The Campaign, hosted by the Cultural Heritage Administration and organized by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, rediscovers the value and appeal of cultural heritages across Korea. It also promotes Korea as a safe travel destination in the post-Covid-19 era.

Korea in Fashion – A Princess’s Dream (Changdeokgung & Changgyeonggung Palaces), provided by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Professor Kyoung-duk Seo, an expert in promoting Korea overseas, joins the campaign to execute its global initiative. He will participate in an overseas advertisement and broadcasting project promoting Korea’s tangible and intangible heritage and the country’s proud culture in five global cities.

The advertising campaign will be run in New York City, followed by in Piccadilly Circus in the United Kingdom, in Bangkok City Center in Thailand, in downtown Sydney in Australia, and in downtown Cape Town in South Africa. Through the advertisement, promotional videos present “Korean cuisine”, “Hanok”, “Hangeul”, and “Arirang” for a month in each city.

As part of the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign, the Korea Pavilion will be set up at the “2021 Dubai Expo” to further strengthen its overseas promotional activities in preparation for the post-Covid-19 era. During the Expo, Korea’s cultural heritage and traditional culture will be displayed at an independent booth.

The Campaign can also be seen on its official social media channels and YouTube. Celebrating its second year, it is expected to step up its efforts to bring tourists back to cultural heritage venues across Korea.

(Source: Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation ([email protected])