Bangkok lands a spot on digital nomad list

SINGAPORE, 7 May 2024: Outranking every other city analysed, Dubai is the number one destination for digital nomads, according to the latest research from Instant Offices, but Bangkok topped the Asia only list.

Thailand’s capital was the only Southeast Asian city to appear in the global top 10 ranking out of 61 locations evaluated. Key factors considered included affordability, weather, broadband speed and lifestyle.

According to Instant Offices, advances in technology, remote working, and workplace culture mean that by 2035, a billion people could live and work as digital nomads.


Dubai in the UAE stands out as the number one destination for digital nomads, leading the top 10 list, followed by Lisbon, Portugal, in second place and Madrid, Spain, third. The United Arab Emirates has over 23,000 wi-fi hotspots and 230mbps average broadband speed. 

Having a reputation as an international business hub with excellent infrastructure, it also offers a special one-year Virtual Work Residency Visa. The climate attracts digital nomads worldwide, getting an annual average of 3,500 hours of sunshine. This makes it an excellent place to work from the beach.


Lisbon, Portugal, ranks second with over 7,000 hotspots, an average broadband speed of 98mbps, a sunny climate, a vibrant food scene, and affordability. 

One of the sunniest places in Europe, the Portuguese coastal capital, is a food-lovers haven with local markets and freshly caught seafood.  

The city is ideal for enjoying the sun and surfing while working productively. A cappuccino in Lisbon costs just GBP1.66, and an Airbnb costs GBP115 a night. 


Madrid ranks third for its affordability, robust infrastructure, and vibrant startup ecosystem, offering a balanced work-exploration experience. 

It blends affordability, robust infrastructure, and a burgeoning startup ecosystem. It also has a good reputation for safety, making it a prime destination for remote workers seeking a dynamic and convenient base with many coworking spaces and excellent connectivity. 

Spotlight on Asia

Bangkok is the highest-ranked Southeast Asian city on the list. It offers stunning local cuisine, fantastic street food markets, and over 15,000 wi-fi hotspots with an average broadband speed of 229mbps.

Other Asian business hubs, such as Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Hong Kong, offer captivating travel experiences, scenery, food, stellar connectivity, infrastructure, and a manageable cost of living.

Day-to-day expenses in Asian cities can be very affordable for digital nomads. Hanoi has the most affordable cuisine, with a Vietnamese dining experience costing GBP18.9, and Kathmandu has the cheapest coffee, charging just GBP1.27 for a cappuccino.

Bustling metropolises across Asia are perfect for digital nomads who want to explore some of the world’s most iconic business centres and enjoy a continent full of exciting travel opportunities and sights. The demand for flexible office space in places like Singapore and Hong Kong is high as more people are looking for new ways of using the workspace. You can easily find creative coworking spaces in Singapore, meeting rooms, and serviced offices to work as you travel.

Connectivity is also second to none. Beijing boasts the fastest average broadband speed in this ranking at 260mbps, while Jakarta has the most wi-fi hotspots, with more than 97,000 across the city. Meanwhile, Tokyo ranks the highest in terms of quality of life.

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