Plea to Thai PM to open borders

BANGKOK, 7 August 2020: A well-known journalist and public relations consultant, Ken Scott, released a video this week presenting an impassioned plea to Thailand’s Prime Minister to reopen the country’s borders to tourism.

In the Youtube video Scott, who resides in Glasgow Scotland, launches into a three and half minute plea saying Thai tourism is dying and that the Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, is “unintentionally punishing Thai people” due to the strict restrictions on tourism.

As the founder and managing director of ScottAsia Communications, he presents five critical proposals for the PM to consider.

Open borders to tourism and fix the date clearly with a promise it will stay that way unless there is a significant change in the situation.
Continue to encourage hygiene measure and the voluntary wearing of masks, washing of hands and social distancing.
Abandon the destructive mandatory quarantine rule.
Reduce costs for airlines, particularly at airports.
Embark on a sensitive “welcome back marketing campaign.

Saying tourism contributes 20% of GDP and hires millions of people he points out that only 58 people have died from Covid-19 in Thailand compared with 23,000 in road accidents and 60,000 from heart disease.

“We can’t just stand by and let tourism in Thailand die. It’s 20% of the Thai economy. Millions of Thais are suffering. PM Prayut, please stop unintentionally punishing the Thai people, enough is enough, open Thailand’s doors again” he concludes.

Watch the video:…

With Thai subtitles

Facebook comments
Within moments of posting the video, Facebook registered comments. One expatriate working in tourism said: “Take away the salaries of all who are making the decisions (on tourism) until a solution is found and see how quickly things improve.”

Another said: “Comparatively speaking Thailand is indeed a Covid success story with the stats you mention. I hope they see sense and come up with a strategy to open up as safely as is reasonably possible.”

Managing director of an online booking service in Asia, Brinley Waddell added: “Please support and share our petition to reopen borders under WTTC guidelines.”

Within hours of the clip going live on YouTube, it generated more than 1,000 views and climbing.


  1. I saw mention of Laos being closed, Lao will not open up the border until Thailand has done the same. Neither country has a Covid 19 problem so why is the border still closed?
    It doesn’t make any sense.

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