HCMC plans weekend market

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HO CHI MINH CITY, 27 March 2017: Ho Chi Minh City will open a weekend market in the city’s downtown district, later this year, to create a new shopping and entertainment venue for locals and visitors.

In recent months both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have announced plans to add tourist attractions and walking streets.

Studies show Vietnam’s tourism is expanding fast and will become a leader in the region over the next 10 years, especially in aviation. It is already competing head-on with business rival Thailand. Read more

New Zealand: No longer 100% pure

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CHRISTCHURCH, 24 March 2017: New Zealand’s strong economic growth is placing strains on the environment that threaten to undermine its “clean, green” reputation, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warned Tuesday.

The South Pacific nation has long marketed itself internationally as “100% pure” and is undergoing a tourism boom as visitors flock to see the spectacular scenery featured in films such as “The Hobbit” trilogy.

But an OECD report said the environment was paying the price for growth in the farm-reliant economy, which is currently among the strongest in the developed world at more than 3%. Read more

Philippines a hard sell

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MANILA, 24 March 2017: The Philippines tourism secretary urged the media, Wednesday, to “tone down” cover of President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly drug war, complaining that reports on extrajudicial killings were scaring away foreigners.

On a trip to Thailand accompanying Duterte, Tourism Secretary, Wanda Teo, insisted the Philippines was a safe destination, but said journalists were making the country a hard sell because of their focus on the killings.

“Help us because you know, it’s really difficult for me to sell the Philippines, especially when extrajudicial killings becomes the topic,” Teo told Filipino reporters following the Duterte entourage. Read more

10% of all jobs linked to tourism

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LONDON, 22 March 2017: Travel and tourism generated 1 in 10 of the world’s jobs in 2016 as the sector grew by 3.3%, outpacing the global economy for the sixth year in a row, reads a new report by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

WTTC’s Economic Impact Report 2017, which is conducted in conjunction with Oxford Economics, researches the economic impact of travel and tourism impact on global level, for 25 regions, and 185 countries.

According to the research, travel and tourism grew by 3.3% in 2016, generating USD7.6 trillion worldwide, which is 10.2% of global GDP when the direct, indirect and induced impacts are taken into account. The sector supported a total of 292 million jobs in 2016, which is 1 in 10 of all jobs in the world. Read more

Lao outbound trips tip 3 million

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VIENTIANE, 17 March 2017: Lao PDR’s Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism’s Tourism Development Department reports Lao citizens made 3.05 million trips in 2016.

Vientiane Times quoted the department’s statistics unit that monitored a slight decrease of 0.3% when compared with more than 3.06 million trips in 2015 and a decline of 7.58% on 3.3 million trips registered in 2014.

However, the number of Lao nationals booking air travel increased slightly. Read more

Monthly festivals for HCMC

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HO CHI MINH CITY, 16 March 2017: Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee aims to host tourism-related festivals and events to make the city more appealing and action packed for international visitors.

Local media quoted committee vice chairman, Tran Vinh Tuyen, saying the city will create events to fill out the calendar to lift the city’s image as fun place to visit.

“More festivals will be created so that each month there will be at least one event hosted in the city.” Read more

Vietnam’s eVisa encourages travel

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HO CHI MINH CITY, 16 March 2017: Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism authorities claim that the launch of an eVisa, last month, has increased travel bookings to Vietnam and particularly the southern city which is the country main gateway.

Local media quoted the city’s Vietnam National University’s Tourism Institute head Nguyen Duc Tri, saying the eVisa also enables improved data and updates of foreign tourists visiting the country, which will help tourism officials to monitor trends and adapt the country’s tourism products to meet demand.

According to Ministry of Public Security’s Department of Immigration, 490 foreigners applied for an eVisa since it was introduced in February. Of that total 210 applications were filed a week after the pilot scheme was introduced Read more

Quang Nam plans community tourism

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QUANG NAM, 10 March 2017: Quang Nam’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will focus on community-based tourism as it adds more  travel content in the Vietnamese province to attract international visitors.

Local media quoted the department director, Dinh Hai, saying a sustainable tourism model would help to preserve the cultural identity of the province and highlight the importance of heritage sites.

Over the past few years, the province has created several community-based tourism products that focus on the daily lives and stories of local communities. Read more

Iceland climbs out after crash

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REYKJAVIK, 10 March 2017:  Iceland’s economy surged last year, data released Thursday showed, as dynamic tourism and investment powered a strong recovery from a devastating 2008 economic collapse.

Iceland Statistics’ preliminary figures showed 7.2% growth for 2016 with GDP soaring by 11.3% in the fourth quarter compared to the same period the previous year.

Iceland’s economy has now expanded by 10% from its size before the 2008 financial crisis, which pulled the Nordic nation into a virtual bankruptcy as its bloated banks fell into an abyss. Read more

Hints of a Trump travel slump

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NEW YORK, 10 March 2017: Donald Trump and his travel bans are dissuading some foreigners from vacationing in the United States, but a decline in visitors is also linked to the dollar and may be limited, experts say.

Although solid data is not yet available, the Republican president’s first travel ban sent a jolt through the world tourism industry when it came into effect in late January.

Besides travellers from the seven Muslim-majority countries initially targeted, anecdotal indicators show a knock-on effect further afield. Read more

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