Philippines hosts travel expo

MANILA, 14 June 2022: The Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) will stage the 29th Travel Tour Expo from 24 to 26 June, claiming it will be the biggest travel expo in the country, packed with discounts on tour packages.

According to the PTTA’s media statement, the biggest discounts will be tagged on holidays to South Korea and Japan, two destinations that are hugely popular with Filipino travellers.

Both South Korea and Japan have recently opened their borders, with Japan linking entry to buying a tour package from a recognised travel firm.

At least 142 exhibitors will participate in the 29th Travel Tour Expo and the business-to-business travel trade mart 7th International Travel Trade Expo (iTTE), which will be held at the SMX Convention Centre, the Philippines News Agency reported.

“We’re offering or promoting all the destinations, locally and internationally, especially those that relaxed their protocols,” PTAA president Michelle Taylan told the press briefing last Thursday.

Cebu Pacific, one of the exhibitors, also promised flights to South Korea and Japan at markdown fares.

Cebu Pacific passenger sales & distribution director Arlene Tena confirmed Japan opened the country for tourists starting 10 June, but they must book their trips through Japan-accredited tour operators.

Korea is more relaxed, allowing travellers to visit the country without pre-purchasing an accredited tour package.

PTAA’s expo should attract 30,000 to 45,000 visitors over the three days of sales sessions.

(Source: Philippines News Agency)