Pickpockets: A traveller’s nightmare

SINGAPORE, 24 April 2024: Recent data has revealed that 87% of tourists heading for Europe feel like they have to take steps to protect themselves and their valuables from pickpockets.

Travel insurance experts at Quotezone.co.uk have provided some pointers on staying safe from pickpockets in top holiday destinations. 

Quotezone’s European pickpocketing index revealed which tourist hotspots have the highest pickpocketing rates, with Italy, France and Spain coming out top.

The research showed thousands of people have complained about their valuables being stolen when visiting iconic tourist attractions in Europe.

These hotspots bring in large crowds, making them convenient places for criminals to target unsuspecting holidaymakers.

Pickpockets can move more inconspicuously at these popular spots and snatch purses, wallets, phones, jewellery and other valuables, often without victims even noticing.

Pickpockets can work alone or use an accomplice to distract tourists, so tourists need to be on their guard. Individuals can take precautions to protect themselves and deter thieves.

Non-essentials such as jewellery and extra cash should be left in a safe at the hotel, and tourists should keep their credit cards, phones, cameras, and wallets zipped up and close by if they need to carry them.

Use a cross-body bag and wear it on the front of your body when in crowded places; sealed inner pockets are also a good option.

Important documents, such as passports, visas or vaccination documents, should also be left locked in a safe if possible – travellers should also make copies and hide them elsewhere.

Tourists should be vigilant not only when moving in crowds but also keep belongings close when sitting down in a restaurant or bar or using public transport.

When withdrawing money from an ATM, it’s crucial not to converse with strangers to protect the PIN.

Additionally, ensuring comprehensive travel insurance coverage can provide peace of mind in case of any unfortunate incidents.

Travel insurance expert at Quotezone.co.uk, Tiffany Mealiff said: “European cities are famously popular tourist destinations for sightseeing, with the recent surge in holidaymakers expected to continue throughout 2024, unfortunately this also makes them some of the danger zones for pickpocketing.

“With many people starting to plan out the details for their summer holidays, we are warning holidaymakers to be aware of the potential hazards of travelling to these tourist hotspots.

“While our research showed that 87% of tourists take steps to protect themselves from pickpockets, it’s easy to get carried away while being in a busy and exciting environment, taking in the sights.

“It’s crucial for tourists always to be aware of their surroundings, keep their belongings secure, and consider investing in anti-theft accessories such as money belts or cross-body bags.

“To minimise losses, it’s best to carry as little of value as possible and leave extra cash, key documentation, expensive jewellery and electronics behind at the hotel.

“Holidaymakers should also familiarise themselves with their travel insurance to check what is and isn’t covered and consider getting add-on gadget travel insurance if travelling with expensive electronics.

“Remember also to get a police report for the loss or theft of an item as this will help support the insurance claim.”

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