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Myanmar remains a no-go for tourism


SINGAPORE, 22 June 2022: The latest travel advisories warn travellers to give Myanmar a wide berth even though limited airline services have resumed, and travellers can again apply for an eVisa online to visit the country for 30 days.

In the latest update, the Australian travel advisory service warns, “we continue to advise you ‘do not travel’ to Myanmar due to ongoing civil unrest and armed conflict.”

The latest email bulletin advises travellers to remain aware of the security environment, exercise caution and monitor media closely.

As a rule, travellers are advised to avoid all public gatherings, protests and areas of known and possible unrest.

Although tour companies and hotels in Myanmar are hoping for a different outcome to allow them to recover business endeavours, the facts on the ground suggest otherwise. Constant threats of violence, including explosions and attacks, can occur anywhere and anytime, including in Yangon, the commercial capital.

Infrastructure, police and military vehicles, and security and administrative personnel have been the main targets. However, civilian institutions such as schools, petrol stations, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and shopping malls have also been targeted.

The advisory concludes: “Exercise caution in townships under martial law as curfews remain in place. There have been widespread arrests, including foreigners who could face the risk of arbitrary detention.”

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