OAG launches flight alerts

LONDON, 19 November 2021: OAG, a provider of travel data, announced this week the launch of Flight Info Alerts, its new detection and notification product that delivers changes to flight schedules in real-time.

OAG Metis partners with Snowflake and Microsoft Azure to deliver instant updates on carrier flight schedules.”

“Alerts is a much-needed solution for our customers who manage bookings or operations and anyone who relies on the accuracy of these vital changes to drive their business. The volatility of this data over the last 18 months has become an increasing challenge, so our customers need us to tell them what’s changed in real-time,” said OAG CEO Phil Callow.

OAG’s Flight Info API equips customers with data covering the full flight and booking journey, with the imminent availability of Flight Status Data into the API suite.

OAG target customers for flight information alerts include booking engines, travel and hospitality apps, airline apps, online travel agencies, metasearch, search engines, and flight tracking apps.