Early bookers catch cheap fares

SINGAPORE, 18 April 2024: The clock is ticking for travellers to lock in summer travel plans, and according to the Expedia Summer Travel Outlook, released Tuesday, searches for northern summer trips are up year-over-year for flights and lodging.(1)

Focusing on North American travellers, the Expedia Summer Travel Outlook shows that searches for summer trips for flights and lodging are up year-over-year, and the window is open now to save on summer airfare. Top destinations that lure US travellers include major cities like New York and London and beach destinations like Cancun and Honolulu.

France is also a summer hotspot as Paris and surrounding areas prepare to host a major global sports event in late July. Expedia’s data reveals a massive surge in searches for accommodations during these dates in cities including Yvelines (+520%), Lyon (+310%) and Marseille (+200%).(2)

To help travellers plan for what’s shaping up to be a busy summer travel season, Expedia’s Summer Travel Outlook identifies the best times to book flights to secure a bargain fare.   

Book summer flights 21 to 60 days out. Last year, travellers booking during this window saved around 15% for domestic and international travel.(3) 

North American travellers departing on a Monday (international flights) or Tuesday (domestic flights) save around 15% compared to those that departed on Thursday and Friday.(3)

Fly during mid-to-late August 

It’s less busy and can yield savings of up to USD265 on roundtrip tickets compared to the last week of June when average fares peak.(3)

The Fourth of July holiday falls on Thursday, and the week leading up to the holiday is expected to be the busiest time to fly this summer. (3)

“The cheat sheet is easy this year — book one to two months out and save around 15%, whether you’re taking the family to the beach in Florida or summering in Paris,” says Expedia Head of Group Brands Public Relations Melanie Fish.

Read the full Expedia Summer Travel Outlook here, which includes top destinations and tips for saving on airfare and hotels.

Data Sources: 

(1) Based on Expedia.com flight or lodging searches for travel from 20 May to 6 September 2024, as of 4 March 2024, compared to the same period in 2023.  

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(3) Based on Expedia flight demand for travel during May, June, July, August and September 2023 compared to the same time frame in 2022.  

(SOURCE: Expedia)


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