BUSAN, 19 November 2021: Credited with being one of Asia’s biggest event tourism cities, Busan combines a distinctive heritage and natural attractions with the delivery of cutting edge infrastructure.

To support MICE* promotions, the city recently announced its ‘sustainable MICE city’ mission that focuses on eco-friendly meeting facilities and attractions to draw the new norm sustainable events.

Starting with ‘HAEVENUE’ (Haeundae International Conference Complex), the first-ever MICE street stretches from Suyeong Bay to Haeundae, a corridor that combines the existing business infrastructure with Busan’s unique environmental, ecological and cultural elements. It represents an unfolding strategy that will make transform Busan into a sustainable global MICE-destination.

In particular, ‘HAEVENUE’ is reborn as Asia’s best MICE destination where the cutting edge facilities such as Bexco, Centum city are harmonised in the heavenly nature that leads Suyeong Bay, Dongbaek Island, and Haeundae. In 2020, the government and Busan city designated an area of 2.39 million ㎡ of Centum~Nurimaru APEC House~Haeundae as an ‘International conference complex’ to host the international convention and mega-events.

MICE facilities in every corner of Busan, including HAEVENUE have introduced carbon-neutral activity and eco-friendly management ‘global standard’ in the early stage to ensure an eco-friendly base and create a platform where recreation, tourism, and business can prosper in harmony with nature.

The eco-friendly management of facilities around HAEVENUE deserves attention. The accommodation facilities provide eco-bags instead of plastic bags and transform all event amenities into eco-friendly products.

©Paradise_green card & eco bag.

Lotte Department Store leads the ‘green distribution’, and Shinsegae Department Store continues the ‘Paperless campaign’ that digitalises the promotional leaflet. In particular, the accumulation facilities executives and staff have been leading the garbage collection campaign on the beach, sidewalks, and walking trails in their spare time.

BEXCO, a professional exhibition and convention facility representing Busan, recycles various wooden waste materials and signs used in the exhibition booth and stage for the next event, and produces the eco-bag using the remaining banner, and provides them to the participants, taking the lead in practising green MICE.

C©BEXCO_Campaign to reduce marine debris ‘Bada badasseudam’

Busan Tourism Organisation notes: “HAEVENUE is inducing the eco-friendly management in various MICE infrastructures with the goal of being carbon-neutral. In particular, it will inform the complex through the briefing session conducted for the organiser of international convention, and form the bond of sympathy of participating in ‘sustainable MICE’ at the same time“.

Activities for sustainable MICE

Busan has continued the effort to settle down ‘eco-friendly, sustainable MICE’ mainly with HAEVENUE. In particular, the Busan MICE alliance(BMA) becomes the foundation of local MICE growth, such as developing local MICE joint marketing by activating the networking between the academic field and the competent authorities, including the local MICE industry. Total 237 companies are currently registered as BMA members. Among them, the member practising sustainable MICE is introduced.

Makerfun, an education company that produces prototypes with IoT internet and a 3D printer, participates in the spread of environmental campaigns by incorporating the eco-friendly, renewed energy practice course in the experience activity. Makerfun recently created the virtual space that introduces the authority organisation practising carbon-neutral at Gather Town, a Metaverse platform that powers an eco-friendly information exchange and networking.

©MakerFun_Coffeecube Pot.

‘Waverun’, a participation type tourism contents planning company, is participating in the citizen environmental movements with unique ideas such as sculpture making challenge with recycling materials based on clean hiking and ‘plogging’ (an activity to pick up trash while jogging) that resonates with the MZ generation.


The knowledge-sharing platform for a sustainable city deserves attention. APEC climate symposium that has been held by the APEC climate centre is representative. APEC climate symposium is a global professional academic conference that maximises the utilisation of climate information and seeks common cooperation measures. More than 100 officials and policymakers from APEC member countries, including climate scientists, climate prediction information production working staffs, and experts related to discussions, participate every year to collect the idea together.

It is held by the APEC President’s Bureau, where the APEC Summit will be held, with the support and cooperation of the relevant government, and recognised as one of the major events in the Asia-Pacific region climate field in many working groups of APEC. The symposium prepares the venue of communication between the supplier and the user of the climate information, and they discuss various abnormal climates and climate change responses in-depth, including climate science and technology development with world-class authority scientists.


An official from the Busan Tourism Organization said, “We will continue to support BMA’s efforts for eco-friendly and sustainable development, which encompasses MICE-related facility businesses and service businesses, and emphasised” we will not spare the administrative and financial policy and support in order to be reborn ‘global eco-friendly MICE city recognised by world people’.

*MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions.

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