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Vietnam readies to open tourism


HANOI, 19 October 2020: Vietnam is priming its tourism reopening strategy with the launch of a CNN International television commercial inviting travellers to consider Vietnam for their first holidays post Covid-19.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism commissioned the 30-second clip, which features some of Vietnam’s top tourism products and destinations and ends with the sentence, “When you’re ready to travel again, why not Vietnam?”

VNAT leaders said the TV commercial aims to remind travellers of Vietnam’s charms and suggest the country as a safe and enticing destination for vacationers in 2021.

The video was created with support from the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) and can be viewed during commercial breaks on CNN Asia for six weeks starting 15 October as well as on the national tourism website ( and its social media channels.

Vietnam will soon launch more activities to accompany the ‘Why Not Vietnam?’ video, including giveaways on social media, ad banners, and articles that highlight Vietnam’s capable handling of the coronavirus and its commitment to the safety of its guests and citizens.

“The story of how Vietnamese came together to fight the virus and support each other is one that we want to share with our friends overseas,” said VNAT’s Tourism Marketing Department director-general Dinh Ngoc Duc. “Through the ‘Why Not Vietnam?’ campaign we will put forward suitable tourism experiences for travellers looking to escape and unwind after COVID-19 passes, and emphasize Vietnam as a safe destination within the region.”

Vietnam’s strong safety record since the start of the pandemic and its ability to provide socially distanced holiday options are top reasons for travellers to consider the country for upcoming trips, Duc explained.

Over the coming months, Vietnam intends to win the confidence of travellers with high-value travel giveaways on its social media channels. Its first giveaway, which will launch in November, features a pair of international flight tickets from national carrier Vietnam Airlines valid throughout 2021, as well as a four-day holiday in Sa Pa with Topas Riverside Lodge and Topas Ecolodge, a National Geographic Certified Unique Lodge.

Tourism experts in the region believe Vietnam will become an early leader in reviving travel based on its performance dealing with Covid-19 and the continued stable political and investment climate.


  1. Vietnam is not very cheap travel destination, it all depends on your negotiating skills, you will be paying double or 5x the price most of your stay for everything, if you don’t know basic Vietnamese and persist to lower the price… Welcome to Vietnam, place full of con artists and pickpocketers

  2. It’s doable for Vietnam, with a few suggestions: don’t increase the quarantine hotel prices more than the market’s values, of course people have to pay for other costs like medical tests, foods, drinks and extra amenities. Allow them the ability to order outside food delivered to compete with whatever the hotels are offering. Cut down quarantine period to 7 days, provided people have negative test results. Travellers don’t have to do the test at home country before boarding as long as they don’t have a fever; it’s ridiculously hard for many people to get tested within 3 or 5 days, as many places in the US still take at least one week to get results.

    (this is a repost; somehow that first time went into somebody’s comment as a reply.)

  3. Unreliable service. Beware of con and cheaters very rampant in hanoi . From airport taxi service to shops and tourist attractions spot.
    Taxi driver will send you in circus and demand payment in US $.
    At halong bay, going for a boat ride end up the boater demand tips 10 times more than the tickets. At the restaurant, a coconut drink cost $10 if you never ask for price before ordering.

  4. Hello Vietnam, you are the last country visited from Singapore before the lockdown. Opening up leisure and removing quarantine for singaporean will lead to huge demand from the moment the bubble begins.Opening up leisure and removing quarantine. A COVID-19 testing scheme at point of entry , is suffice since cases are close to nil in the recent weeks for both sides.

  5. Soon as there is no quarantine I’ll be there, I LL be in Ca May, Ba Tri and Ho chi Minh City also. Be visiting wife’s family.

  6. They can say and do anything they like, but the dog terrorism and torture is off the charts.. Never going back there

  7. The quarantine requirement is a show stopper. Most tourists will not have 14 extra days off for quarantine.

  8. Not enough value for the amount of money and inconvenience the VN government will charge a non-Asian tourist to go there in 2021. There will be many more beautiful, interesting, cheaper countries with fewer regulations for a relaxing vacation than VN. They are dreaming!!!

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