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Thailand: All visitors will need insurance


BANGKOK, 15 September 2020: A consortium of 16 insurance companies in Thailand are now offering foreigners, who are eligible to travel to Thailand, the mandatory insurance cover valued at USD100,000.      

Thailand’s Office of Insurance confirmed last week that it has set up a consortium of insurance companies offering Covid-19 insurance online as the country prepares to reopen its borders to leisure travellers.

Once the country reopens to leisure travellers all foreigners entering Thailand will need to buy Covid-19 insurance. But until the door reopens the scheme will make it easier for those who are currently eligible to travel to Thailand to acquire the mandatory insurance cover online.

In addition to having insurance cover, travellers need to provide the nearest Thai embassy with a Fit to Fly Health Certificate and a negative  RT-PCR swab test valid within 72 hours of the flight departing for Thailand. They are issued with a certificate of entry when they have fulfilled all the conditions and have a confirmed flight date. They must also have an appropriate visa that fits the approved travel categories. For the time being, tourist visas for leisure travel are not being issued.

The Covid-19 insurance policy covers death due to the disease as well as medical expenses for those undergoing treatment.
In case of death caused by Covid-19, the policy pays for funeral expenses and the repatriation of the corpse or ashes to the country of origin. The maximum payout is THB3.2 million.
For medical expenses linked to the treatment of Covid-19, including the period of hospitalisation (inpatient or outpatient), the maximum payout is  THB3.2 million.

Foreigners who buy insurance cover as part of the requirements to fulfil conditions to travel to Thailand must pay the insurance premium according to the period of their stay from 30 days to a maximum of one year.

The premium is set against benchmarks that identify the Covid-19 risk in the country of origin; the lower the risk, the lower the premium.

Insurance premium cover starts at THB1,600  and can be as high as THB14,400 for low-risk countries. Foreigners from countries with moderate risk are likely to pay an insurance premium of between THB2,560  to THB23,040. If the traveller is from a high-risk country, the insurance premium could be as high as THB43,200.

Insurance companies participating in the scheme include:

Assets Insurance Co Ltd (Thailand); Chubb Insurance Company Limited ( Thailand ); Navakij Insurance Co Ltd;  Pacific Cross Health Insurance, Thailand )  Falcon Insurance Co Ltd (Thailand ) East Insurance, Asia Insurance 1950; Bangkok Life Assurance Ltd; Thailand Life Insurance and Thailand Life Insurance.

“Development of an insurance policy that provides protection for foreigners entering Thailand supports government policy and will help restore the economy of the country,” said the OIC secretary-general.


  1. Bank of India Thailand should be trying to ease th BAHT .
    The level is inconsistent with the global market and restricting foreign as well as individual decisions to secure funds..Baht should be around 32 to USD

  2. Totaly agree. My wife and i bought a shop with accomodation. 5 floors why can i not self isolate there,like in other countries.

  3. The article says that all required documents must be presented to the Thai Embassy or Thai consulate 72 hours before departure. If you live in San Francisco, the Thai consulate is in Los Angeles, 500 miles away. There is no way you will get your paper work back in time before the 72 hours expire. Why would anyone go through all this rigamarole to be quarantined on arrival for 14 days at the traveler’s expense? There are better places to go.

  4. I wonder just how many foreigners will want to jump through all the hoops, and pay a lot of money to do so, on top of the costs of living there for however long, just for a bit of sun?

  5. I’ve owned a large Condo in Phuket for over 10 years, I regularly travel to Thailand usually once a month for 5 or 6 days. I’ve invested in the country but nowhere are people in position mentioned? I’m happy to get insurance, the covid test in my country will cost me 4,500 Baht so it won’t be a cheap weekend getaway. I’d be happy to stay 6 to 8 weeks but why pay for a hotel when I can stay in my own place?

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