Cambodia tweaks entry rules

PHNOM PENH, 29 June 2020: Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA) has cancelled the USD3,000 deposit for Covid-19 related costs and USD50,000 medical insurance requirements for Cambodian nationals who are holding foreign passports with a Visa K entry permit.

The update to the entry requirements came into force at all of the country’s airports on 26 June. The two requirements on the cash or credit card deposit and insurance cover remain in place for all non-Cambodian travellers.

Under the new rule, “Cambodian nationals holding foreign passports with Visa K are still required to possess a health certificate indicating a Covid-19 negative status issued by competent health authorities of their residing country no more than 72 hours from the departure time from their residing country.”

All Diplomatic and Consular Missions accredited to Cambodia, and all international organisations must certify that their diplomats and officials holding Cambodian visa type A and visa type B who are arriving and entering the country are Covid-19 free. They will ensure the strict implementation of the 14-day quarantine of those diplomats and officials.

(Source: Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation)


  1. As a frequent Cambodian visitor from the America I’m not really surprised. It’s illogical, counterproductive and foolishly naive, but that’s Cambodia in a nutshell. I’m betting less than 5% of probable visitors will deposit 3 k to visit the least appealing country in Asia. I’m sorry but it’s so dirty, the food is really mediocre and it’s really unsafe. Maybe they should pay us 3k to visit just to cover the pickpockets and inevitable stomach flus.

  2. If you have ever lived in an Asian country or visited for any length of time you might already know that they deal with everything with their emotions, not LOGIC. Westerns are the opposite Mostly dealing with logical solutions. If they did consider the tourist as important as you do, they might come to other conclusions but it’s obvious they don’t and neither should you. They know what they are doing and it’s not up to you to point out what you think are ridiculous rules… But It Is Really Too Bad..

  3. I live in Cambodia for 6 months a year , but with this restriction it’s not only going to be difficult for me but also others. The country depends on tourism for source of income . Not only the country, the pubs, restaurants, guides, workers, Tuk tuk drivers and many more depends on tourist for their source of income . It’s going to hit hard on their families.

  4. It’s absurd this rediculous fee, tourism is a huge financial injection to their economy! And now people will just avoid going there, and like many of us will chose another country..

  5. As a tourist why go to Cambodia??? Period. Unless of course your Chinese and like to gamble, cant afford any place better, or is the only place you can feel wanted for a price.

    • I have a business visa and work permit valid till December 2020. What are the rules applicable for me.

  6. You guys are too dumb to understand the policy. That’s the point. They don’t want tourist. They are trying to prevent a COVID-19 crisis. They are opening up for people who absolutely need to go to Cambodia for urgent and essential matters. If these visitor are complaining about the cost of the deposit they weren’t going to be able to pay for it in the first place. No universal healthcare for foreigners. Pay your own health expenses.

  7. Be happy if tourists come to your country. Don’t make it so difficult because you get nothing from that. Cambodia is still cambodia cannot compare to western countries. No matter in what case. There are many many countries tourists could visit. All of tourists have insurance already and 3000 deposit, for what ?? If the tourists are gone than they will find another place ! Make friendly regulation !!

  8. Cambodian government must change restrictive policy regarding tourism coming to visit Cambodia. These two policies: $3,000 deposits and $50,000 insurance policy are absolutely crazy; no one is going to visit Cambodia anytime soon. Tourism industry in Cambodia is a major sources of income for Cambodia in the millions and now will drop drastically if the current rules are in place. It will hurt Cambodian tourism gravely .

  9. How Not to have Tourists in Cambodia
    Nobody with any sense would enter Cambodia under those crazy conditions, you could be completely
    free of COVID before boarding the flight and if anybody else tested positive on the flight then YOU lose your money deposited with Cambodia government as you are treated as if you have COVID into quarantine. So it’s a big NO NO Cambodia until the Government see this ridiculous condition

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