Cambodia tweaks entry rules

PHNOM PENH, 29 June 2020: Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA) has cancelled the USD3,000 deposit for Covid-19 related costs and USD50,000 medical insurance requirements for Cambodian nationals who are holding foreign passports with a Visa K entry permit.

The update to the entry requirements came into force at all of the country’s airports on 26 June. The two requirements on the cash or credit card deposit and insurance cover remain in place for all non-Cambodian travellers.

Under the new rule, “Cambodian nationals holding foreign passports with Visa K are still required to possess a health certificate indicating a Covid-19 negative status issued by competent health authorities of their residing country no more than 72 hours from the departure time from their residing country.”

All Diplomatic and Consular Missions accredited to Cambodia, and all international organisations must certify that their diplomats and officials holding Cambodian visa type A and visa type B who are arriving and entering the country are Covid-19 free. They will ensure the strict implementation of the 14-day quarantine of those diplomats and officials.

(Source: Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation)


  1. The welfare of the people is far greater than the enjoyment of few tourists in comparison to their population. Would you first of all, visit Cambodia if the covid19 cases were high and random across the country? If the country goes through what the European countries are experiencing, they will be stretched beyond imaginable. So this restriction is a small loss in comparison to what could be. Besides it’s only temporary. No point overacting. No body really knows what to do. There isn’t a manual for this, people. So embrace and focus on possible options. Thank you.

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