Qatar Airways eases refunds

DOHA, Qatar, 9 March 2020:  Qatar Airways introduces a new commercial policy this week that allows passengers to change travel plans without incurring a fee.

Passengers that have booked or will book flights for travel up to 30 June 2020 will be offered the flexibility to change their travel plans free of charge by altering the dates of their booking or exchanging their ticket for a travel voucher valid for one year.

Both the changes can be carried out up to three days prior to departure.

The commercial policy is designed to give Qatar Airways’ passengers confidence when booking flights in light of the COVID-19 impact on travel.

Change fees
The fee will be waived if reservations are changed at least three days before departure. Fare difference may apply. 

Travel Voucher
Reissue unused value for a voucher “To be used for future travel”. The voucher will be valid for one year from its issuance date.

Refund penalty
It will be waived if cancellations are made at least three days before departure

Valid for any of Qatar Airways’ published fares purchased either directly from QR or through travel agents.


  1. I have been waiting 2 months for my refund. I keep calling and they say they are backed up.

  2. Hey guys,

    My flight got changed by qatar, and my journey takes 32 hours now instead of 12 hours, I tried to change the flight date but it asks for extra money. So I requested for full refund since my flight is disrupted by them. It’s been 4 days now and there is no update from them.
    Do you think that they will give me full refund or they have the right to charge me the penalty fee?

  3. I put in my request to Qatar Airways very recently, 8th April, told 2 to 3 days to process refund and 12 days later still waiting.
    The worrying thing is some of the earlier comments go back to March, I didn’t book my flight at the end of March, they took my money and cancelled the flight 8 days later.
    It would appear that they are knowingly taking people’s money and are fully aware they are likely to cancel the flight once they have your money.
    Also of great concern is they are still offering flights back to the U.K. on the date my flight was booked for and subsequently cancelled.

  4. is Qatar Airways having serious financial difficulty? On March 9th they confirmed a refund in cash to be processed to my credit card within 28 days. Until today I did not receive the money-back and their customer service was not responding to my inquiries for more than 2 weeks. Not really a serious approach to the clients.

  5. Only able to get Taxes back.
    “Kindly note that the cancellation fee is higher than actual base fare paid for the journey, hence we have refunded only tax amount in accordance with the fare rules agreed by you at the time of purchase”.

    This was even though as this website points out.
    “Refund penalty
    It will be waived if cancellations are made at least three days before departure”

    So absolutely nothing back from Qatar for the fare. Last time I’ll ever use them!

  6. A complete lie… took me 2 hours waiting on the phone, to be able to speak to someone.
    Cancellation was not allowed without pay a big fee, changing date was only possible through the operator with an incredible big difference on fare, and after 3 weeks I am still waiting for a voucher…
    Absolutely a joke!

  7. This is a joke. I bought my ticket directly from Qatar airways and wasn’t allowed the voucher or refund. They said it wasn’t a ‘published fare’.

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