Driverless car encourages sex

BANGKOK, 19 November 2018: The arrival of the driver-less car could encourage sexual activity while commuting according to research.

New research published in the journal Annals of Tourism Research claimed, “Sex is a part of urban tourism and commercialised sex is part of that too, so it is quite likely that autonomous vehicles will lead to prostitution, whether legal or illegal, to take place in  autonomous vehicles in the future.”

Researchers noted that as cars become more automated, their interior designs will change  to accommodate other activities like eating, sleeping, TV watching and having sex — all things people can enjoy when they don’t have to pay attention to the road.

It was argued that in the future, a person would be able to summon a sex worker for a rendezvous in a car decked out as a mobile bedroom just as easily as summoning a ride-share, like an Uber or Lyft, but without a driver.

The suggestion that car travel will change dramatically to allow car travellers to engage in sex during a journey will trouble governments that have a nanny state mentality, but in societies where prostitution is legal it could open up an entirely new role for the driverless car.

University of Surrey School of Hospitality and Tourism Management deputy director of research, Scott Cohen noted: “Particularly in cities where governance is in place, where prostitution is legal, and regulations allow self-driving cars to develop fast and be on roads quickly, we could see this come together more rapidly; Europe is one of those places.”

He added, “It’s not impossible, nor far-fetched, to imagine the red-light district on the move. Prostitution doesn’t need to be legal for this to happen. Plenty of illegal activities happen in cars.”

People are already having sex inside of cars, but future technology will simply make it easier, paving the road for all sorts of new conundrums about how to regulate sex in self-driving cars.


  1. Wow, what a fantastic joy ! Have sex will travel instead of Have gun will travel (TV cowboy series several decades ago, Richard Boon).

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