Buy Now, Pay Later service joins Sabre

SINGAPORE, 13 December 2021: A Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) company, Zip, has entered a global alliance with Sabre Corporation, a software and technology company that powers the travel industry.

The alliance will work to ensure simple, global capabilities through Zip’s Single Merchant Integration (SMI).

Using their SMI, Zip has integrated into Sabre’s Global Distribution System, which will enable any global travel partner to accept Zip in all current or future countries in which Zip is available.

Sabre, which uses next-generation technology solutions to power airlines, hoteliers, agencies, and other travel partners, will serve as a launchpad for Zip as it establishes itself as a payment provider in the travel industry.

It comes as countries emerge from lockdown with consumers eager to resume international travel. The integrated solution, which was introduced in November, will allow for simplicity for payment choice at checkout.