More Chinese travel further afield

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BEIJING, 7 December 2017: COTRI projects that China’s outbound travel will increase to 154 million border crossings in 2018, representing a 6.3% year-on-year increase from 2017’s final forecast of 145 million.

The Autumn 2017 edition of the COTRI Market Report contains COTRI’s 2018 forecast for Chinese outbound tourist arrival numbers, released 1 December.

The research institution, said the 2018 figure was made up of 68 million trips to Greater China destinations, a 2% year-on-year increase. Read more

IT improves passenger experience

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BANGKOK, 6 December 2017: The fundamental value of an airport – the ability to attract passengers who want to fly there – remains unchanged, or so Amadeus claims in its latest report.

But as passenger volumes continue to rise, worldwide, competition amongst airports intensifies.

That’s where Amadeus sings the praise of staying ahead of the curve, by building a sophisticated IT environment to create value for airport stakeholders. Read more

Loyalty programme winners and losers

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LOS ANGELES, 30 November 2017:  Three Asian airlines made it to the top-10 list for the sheer financial weight of their loyalty programmes, when compared with 170 airlines worldwide.

Japan Airlines in 8th place, Korean Airlines in 9th and ANA in 10th were the highest placed Asian airlines on a top-10 list led by four major airlines in the US; Delta Air Lines. American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

In the middle of the table were three powerful airline groups that have single loyalty programmes, but for multiple airlines. They were led by the Air France-KLM group with its Flying Blue programme, followed by Lufthansa Group’s Miles & More and IAG (British Airways with its Avios loyalty programme. Read more

SOS survey: Travel risks on the rise

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HONG KONG, 30 November 2017: Perception of risk remains at an elevated level with 63% of business decision-makers saying they believe travel risks have increased in the past year.

It was a key conclusion from the latest insights presented by International SOS, Wednesday.

The Ipsos MORI Global Business Resilience Trends Watch 2018 survey reveals the latest insights into the actions and attitudes of business decision-makers when it comes to the health, safety and security of their global mobile workforce. Read more

Amadeus takes the lid off Thai travel.

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BANGKOK, 29 November 2017: Thai traveller are open to sharing personal data if they can obtain a more personalised service or better price deal.

The findings released in an Amadeus study appear to go against the dominant growing distrust for sharing data of any sort that is often open to cyber attacks and hackers.

It was just one finding identified in the Amadeus publish report on Thai travellers titled “The Journey of Me Insights:  What Thai Travellers want”. Read more

Singapore airfares fall

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SINGAPORE 17 November 2017: CWT Solutions Group, the consulting division of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and CAPA identified that the Average Ticket Price (ATP) for Singapore on several key business routes has decreased over the past year.

Airfares between Singapore and destinations such as Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and New York fell more than 5% year-on-year.

These findings were published in Business Travel Pulse, a recent report focusing on Singapore one of Asia’s major aviation gateways. Read more

Europe’s tourism grows 8%

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BRUSSELS, 16 November  2017: European tourism remained buoyant over the summer season in 2017, according to the latest European Travel Commission’s  ‘European Tourism 2017-Trends & Prospects’ report.

ETC said international tourist arrivals to Europe grew 8% in the first eight months of the year compared to the same period in 2016.

Despite lingering security concerns, most destinations (32 out of 34) saw increases in tourist arrivals with over half enjoying double-digit growth. Read more

Filipinos prefer remote spots

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MANILA, 10 November 201:  While the majority of travellers head for the same tried and tested locations, and getting away means sharing a hotspot with thousands of other tourists, there is a growing trend for Filipino travellers to get off the beaten track when travelling in their own country.

A recent Agoda Travel and Tech Study found that 74% of Filipinos like to travel to lesser-known destinations.

Agoda’s global director for brand and communications, Andrew Edwards, explains: “Getting away doesn’t mean giving up great experiences when it comes to Southeast Asia. The region is dotted with many remote and luxurious locations for travellers, who don’t want to compromise on the good things in life, but still want a unique holiday.” Read more

C&K survey: Babymooners decoded

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MUMBAI, 10 November 2017: Beach holidays, a safe environment and excellent medical services are the top considerations for babymooners according to a survey conduced by Cox & Kings.

Commissioned by the world’s oldest tour company the survey, titled ‘Decoding the Babymoon Trend,’ attempted to understand a relatively new travel trend.

Babymoon is a term that refers to a brief vacation taken by would-be parents to relax or travel before the baby is born. Read more

Bali makes gains and losses

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BALI, 21 February 2017: In the wake of a very challenging 2015, Bali’s average hotel occupancy increased 4% in 2016 bringing a shot of fresh air and hope, but at what cost?

The solid occupancy increases across all categories (excluding luxury) were driven by increasing foreign direct arrivals, a slowing in new hotel openings and a further slashing of rates.

Bali’s domestic market in 2016 was up 12% y-o-y to around 7.1 million and foreign arrivals also up 6% y-o-y to 4 million bringing the total to over 11 million for the first time. Read more