Laos Visit Year is hard to pin down

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BANGKOK, 12 December 2017: Time is ticking by on the recently introduced Visit Laos Year 2018 without any accurate revelations on what makes the year special for international travellers.

Critics would be right to describe this “Visit Year” project as a botched effort by government to dupe travellers into thinking there are incentives and valuable reasons to buy a holiday in Laos during 2018.

There is a general consensus in the travel segment, particularly from the perspective of governments, that Visit Years can be announced at the drop of a hat. No one in the travel industry asks serious questions about strategy, budgets and specific Visit Year signature events. Read more

Visit Year without a clue

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VIENTIANE, 24 November 2017: Just weeks after the official launch of the Visit Laos Year 2018, details remain sketchy on events created specifically to mark  this special year.

Visit Laos Year 2018 was officially launched by Prime Minister, Thongloun Sisoulith,  late October at Vientiane’s That Luang Stupa.

The famous That Luang festival with a trade fair,  displaying traditional house, cultural performances and religious ceremonies at the That Luang Stupa set the stage for the start of the tourism year. Read more

Popular river cruises halt

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VIENTIANE, 20 November 2017: Today, a popular river cruise option in Laos was literally grounded as the impact of a new dam ends an era of river cruising.

Tour operators over the weekend were busy alerting their partners overseas, warning them that the permanent closure of the Nam Ou River, between the towns of Nong Khiaw and Muang Khua, has now halted any river cruise possibilities.

The official closure of this stretch of the Nam Ou River took effect today, 20 November, for an indefinite period. Read more

Who’s the greenest of them all?

November 13, 2017 by  
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VIENTIANE, 13 November 2017: Laos has for years positioned itself as a preferred eco-tourism, or green destination, when compared with its neighbours.

Now there is support for the argument that the country is greener than all of its neighbours, courtesy of the Korea Herald.

It points out that when you calculate land covered by forest, Laos has the highest percentage in Asia at a remarkable 92.7%. Read more

Hainan launches flights to Laos

November 3, 2017 by  
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VIENTIANE, 3 November 2017: Luang Prabang will welcome more Chinese visitors during the cool season  months following Hainan Airlines launch of twice weekly flights from Shenzhen.

The services to Luang Prabang started 26 October and are provisionally set to run through to March next year.

According to timetable information from Airlineroute, the flight will depart Shenzhen at 0855 every Wednesday and Sunday, arriving in Luang Prabang at 1000. Read more

Pandaw launches second Mekong boat

September 18, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 18 September 2017: A new double-deck river boat, RV Sabei Pandaw, will set sail shortly on the Mekong River offering trips through Laos to Yunnan province in China.

The 45-metre vessel has been specially designed to navigate the shallow waters of the Mekong River and the navigational challenges of narrow gorges strewn with massive boulders.

Its owner, Pandaw River Expeditions claims the shallow draft will enable it to offer year-round cruises to and from Yunnan China passing through Laos. Read more

Laos rethinks rail compensation

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VIENTIANE, 31 August 2017: Lao PDR has assured village communities it will improve compensation payments to expropriate land needed for the China- Laos high-speed railway.

The national news agency reported, Thursday, that Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport, Bounchan Chanthawng, had hosted consultative meeting to mediate terms covering compensation for communities affected by the construction of the railway project.

The meeting was held earlier in the week in Luang Prabang. Read more

Economic experts gather in Laos

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VIENTIANE, 28 August 2017: The deadline for booking a place at the 41st Southeast Asian Seminar for “Economic Development in Laos and the Greater Mekong Region has been extended to 10 September.

Organised by the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University and the Faculty of Economics and Business Management, National University of Laos, the event will be hosted in Lao PDR’s capital, Vientiane, 2 to 7 November.

According to the organiser’s blurb, Greater Mekong Sub-region countries Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos share several common economic development strategies that provide opportunities for investment. Read more

THAI Smile returns to Luang Prabang

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BANGKOK, 21 August 2017: Thai Smile says it will resume flights between Bangkok and Luang Prabang starting1 October.

Thai Smile launched flights to Luang Prabang in 2014 and halted them in 2016, without an announcement or explanation to passengers or the travel trade.

According to the airline’s website, the upcoming route will operate with four weekly flights on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Read more

Lao Air back to Singapore

VIENTIANE, 1 August 2017: Lao Airlines will relaunch a flight between Vientiane and Singapore starting 29 October.

According to the airline website, the route will be operated with three weekly flights Wednesday, Friday and Sunday using an Airbus A320.

Earlier this year Lao Airlines halted direct flights from Vientiane to Singapore without giving any credible reasons according to Vientiane Times. Read more

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