Call to improve safety

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VIENTIANE, 21 February 2017: Lao PDR’s Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism says the country should develop tourism products and improve safety measures to attract more visitors and build tourist confidence.

Lao New Agency quoted the ministry’s deputy minister, Bouangeun Saphouvong, saying the tourism sector in Laos should develop integrated tourism products to attract more visitors to the country.

“We also have to ensure visitors that they can enjoy themselves, get a broad knowledge of Laos and its culture, see beautiful places, taste delicious food, as well travel safely on good transport.” Read more

Oudomxay calls for tourism investment

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OUDOMXAY, 9 February 2017: Oudomxay Tourism Office says about 100 tourist sites in the province await development in order to attract more tourists.

Vientiane Times quoted the provincial tourism officer, Van Mingboupha, saying the province is encouraging the private sector to take the lead in developing tourism.

“So far about eight businesses have submitted proposals to the provincial Informational, Culture and Tourism Department with suggestions on how to improve of visitor attractions.” Read more

Laos calls for Visit Year events

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VIENTIANE, 8 February 2017: Laos’ Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism has called on all tourism agencies to urgently prepare activities for inclusion in Visit Laos Year 2018 calendar.

Vientiane Times quoted the ministry saying promotions for Visit Laos Year should begin in earnest this year.

Tourism minister, Bosengkham Vongdara, said a timetable of monthly events in every province needs to be compiled urgently to show visitors the special features they can enjoy during 2018. Read more

Work progresses on Vientiane airport

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VIENTIANE, 6 February 2017: Vientiane airport’s expansion project is progressing as scheduled with officials saying it should be completed by early 2018.

So far, construction teams have completed  11% of the work.

Vientiane Times quoted the project update released by the  Embassy of Japan to Laos and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Read more

Laos proposes World Heritage site

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KHAMMOUANE, 31 January 2017: Laos will present a final master plan for the Hin Nam No National Protected Area in Khammouane province  to UNESCO in 2018,  for inclusion on the World Heritage list.

Earlier, officials said they would submit  documents this February, but the deadline has now been moved forward to 2018.

Submissions are not ready and officials admit it will take another year to complete in a manner that complies with UNESCO’s strict guidelines. Read more

Risky roads in Laos

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BANGKOK, 24 January 2017: Travellers are warned to not travel overland from Vang Viang to Luang Prabang as a safety precaution, according to the latest Smartraveller advisory issued by the Australian government, Monday.

The Australian advisory did not elaborate other than to say it was recommending travellers avoid overland travel on highway 13 beyond Vang Vieng.

However, a recent Canadian travel advisory advices travellers to exercise a high degree of caution due to ongoing security concerns related to “banditry and unexploded munitions”. Read more

Laos targets more international flights

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VIENTIANE, 17 January 2017: Lao PDR’s Department of Civil Aviation says its priority is to encourage more international airlines to serve the capital Vientiane.

In an interview with Vientiane Times the department claimed there were more direct flights to Laos, many of them charter flights during the peak tourist season November to April.

Flights from China are on the increase. Previously, only China Eastern Airlines operated flights, but now Sichuan Airlines and Hainan Airlines, both serve the country direct from China. Read more

Houaphanh identifies tourism priorities

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HOUAPHANH, 22 December 2016: Houaphanh tourism authorities have outlined long-range plans to build tourism in the province.

Lao News Agency quoted the province’s information, culture and tourism sector head, Khamsing Laddavong, saying local authorities will embark on a survey of all tourism sites that have links to history, culture and nature.

The province’s master plan will also outline the need to increase accommodation options by attracting investors to build another eight hotels, 10 guesthouses and resorts and 12 more restaurants.   Read more

Elephant festival in Laos

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SAYABOURY, 14 December 2016: The Elephant Festival 2017, in Sayaboury province, will run from 13 to 19 February.

Lao News Agency reported the official opening ceremony will be held, 17 February, with around 70 elephants joining activities during the festival.

The festival is the major event of the province and reminds visitors and residents that Laos once had a vast elephant population, according to the province deputy governor Yanhyong Sipasert. Read more

Thai Smile to fly Luang Prabang

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BANGKOK, 13 December 2016: Thai Smile will introduce a new flight connecting Bangkok to Luang Prabang, a world heritage town in Laos starting 16 January, next year.

The airline will offer four weekly flights on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday using an Airbus A320 aircraft.

Thai Smile will take over the route from Thai Airways International, which previously offered a seasonal service  up to April this year. Read more

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