Laos identifies tourism objectives

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VIENTIANE, 20 April 2017: Lao PDR’s Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism plans to develop tourist attractions across the country through to 2020 to offer more travel choices and attract more visitors to the country.

Vientiane Times quoted the ministry’s tourism development department general deputy director, Phonemaly Inthaphom, saying the ministry has signed off on a development plan of tourism sites with local authorities.

“Each province will have to develop 20 tourism sites through the fiscal years 2013 to 2020, meanwhile the ministry will develop 23 tourism sites.” Read more

Tourism aspiration in Attapeu

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ATTAPEU, 18 April 2017: Attapeu’s Department of Information, Culture and Tourism says attracting more tourists to the area offers the most practical way to improve the local economy.

But the department’s director, Bounnan Bounnaseng, told the Vientiane Times it would require a heavy investment to improve road access, which deters any efforts to promote tourism.

“We face a lot of challenges in attracting companies to develop tourist attractions…road access is the key for tourism development and Attapeu could have a role as a transit point for tourists visiting the region.” Read more

Phongsali optimistic about tourism

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PHONGSALI, 31 March 2017: Phongsali tourism authorities count visits and conclude tourism is moving forward, although the province is located in a remote part of Laos with limited airline access.

Vientiane Times in a tourism report noted that tourist arrivals to the province have risen from around 82,000 visits in 2015 to 103,583 in 2016.

The province’s tourism section official, Khamphanh Soudaphone, was quoted saying the province was not on a popular tourist route, but still managed to attract European visitors looking for soft adventure. Read more

Luang Prabang packed out

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VIENTIANE, 31 March 2017: Luang Prabng province claims it will welcome 500,000 domestic and overseas tourists during the Lao Lunar New Year celebrated mid-April, according to the official Laos News Agency (KPL).

If the forecast is accurate the tiny World Heritage town will be swamped with tourists; hotels will be turning guests away.

Restaurants will not be able to cope and the small three parallel streets that make up the inner district will gridlocked; cars and motor cycles bumper- to-bumper. Read more

Laos builds botanical gardens

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VIENTIANE, 29 March 2017: Vientiane tourism authorities are planning to open a botanical garden to boost attractions for both tourists and residents in the capital city.

Lao News Agency reported on the official opening ceremony for the new botanical garden held late last week.

The site covers 15 hectares located in Dansy village, Naxaythong district of Vientiane.  Read more

Haze haunts the North

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CHIANG MAI, 29 March 2017: The annual smog, or smoke haze, is turning into a major deterrent persuading travellers to scratch North Thailand off their travel plans, according to the Economics Research and Agricultural Forecasting Centre (Maejo Poll).

Released last week, the research focused on 1,015 Thai travellers who had visited Chiang Mai during 20 February to 5 March this year.

72.88% of interviewees said they had experience severe haze, while 27.12% said they had not been aware of it when visiting Chiang Mai. Read more

MTF draws top keynote speaker

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BANGKOK, 29 March 2017: Travel and tourism industry “visionary” Anna Pollock, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Mekong Tourism Forum in Luang Pabang, Laos, 6 to 9 June.

Founder of Conscious.Travel, she will address the event’s theme “Prosper with Purpose”, with a speech entitled “Passion + Purpose = Prosperity”.

The UK-based speaker’s appearance at MTF 2017 is sponsored by EXO Foundation. Read more

Cambodia and Laos ink aviation accord

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PHNOM PENH, 27 March 2017: Cambodia and Laos have signed an accord to encourage regional airlines to increase services on routes between the two countries in a move to boost tourism.

Khmer Times quoted Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation’s air transport director, Vann Chanty, saying the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will encourage airlines in both countries to operate more flights between Cambodia and Laos.

Connectivity between tourist destinations in the two countries is poor, forcing travellers to make expensive backtracks to gateway cities. It adds to travel costs either for overnight accommodation if the earliest connection is on the following day or having to buy two or more sector fares. Read more

Vientiane airport extension slows

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VIENTIANE, 21 March 2017: The Vientiane International Airport Terminal Expansion project is now behind schedule.

Construction began in December 2015 and is due to be completed by 2018.

Vientiane Times’ said the project’s monthly progress report stated 13% of the work was competed by the end of February short of the targeted 16% as stated in the official workflow chart. Read more

Lao outbound trips tip 3 million

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VIENTIANE, 17 March 2017: Lao PDR’s Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism’s Tourism Development Department reports Lao citizens made 3.05 million trips in 2016.

Vientiane Times quoted the department’s statistics unit that monitored a slight decrease of 0.3% when compared with more than 3.06 million trips in 2015 and a decline of 7.58% on 3.3 million trips registered in 2014.

However, the number of Lao nationals booking air travel increased slightly. Read more

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