Tourism players support Ukraine

LONDON, 19 April 2022: Travel & tourism businesses worldwide are coming together to support Ukraine with millions of hotel rooms for refugees escaping the conflict, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

WTTC members such as Accor, Airbnb, Carnival Corporation, the European Travel Commission, Expedia, Hilton, InterContinental Hotels Group, Internova Travel Group, Marriott International, MSC Cruises, Radisson, and Uber, to name just a few, have opened their doors to refugees in neighbouring countries donating rooms, transport, clothing, food, shelter, urgent supplies and financial contributions.

In Ukraine, hotels that remain open are centres for charities and those stranded by the conflict.

Businesses across the global travel & tourism sector, including airports, airlines, cruise lines, and tour operators, are going to extraordinary lengths to help alleviate the suffering of those affected.

This invasion has caused the biggest displacement of people in Europe since the Second World War.

In addition to providing urgently needed accommodation, businesses large and small have made multi-million-pound donations to disaster relief funds which have been supplemented by individual fund-raising initiatives.

WTTC President & CEO Julia Simpson said: “There has been an outpouring of support from Travel & Tourism companies across the globe. Hotels have opened their doors to receive refugees, and in Ukraine, teams on the ground are keeping hotels open for aid agencies and those stranded and desperate.

“Cruise lines and airlines have transported supplies, and across the board, the response has been incredible, and I salute the courage of teams on the ground.

“WTTC and our Members stand for peace and respecting the national sovereignty of every nation, and our hearts go out to all those who are suffering from this brutal invasion.”

Many companies around the world have generously matched their employees’ contributions to support charities providing help through emergency aid and essential supplies.

Temporary accommodation has been arranged thanks to generous travel & tourism employees opening their homes to provide emergency shelter. And Airbnb came up with creative solutions to get money into the hands of local people.

Much needed medical, and hospital supplies have also been provided by businesses’ donations through various charities around the world.

WTTC and the Global travel & tourism sector are united to help those affected by this crisis.