Myanmar on no go list

YANGON, 20 July 2021: There has been a significant increase in the level of violence in Myanmar last week, with many deaths, injuries and arrests according to the latest travel advisories.

Explosions are occurring in Yangon and other parts of the country, targeting police stations, administration offices, electricity offices, civilian facilities and shops. Police and military vehicles and security personnel have been targeted by protesters.

Photo: (AP Photo)

There is no indication when commercial airline services will resume. It is very likely that the military junta will extend the ban on international flights that will come up for review at the end of the month.

Travel advisories warn that foreigners who are stranded in the country since the military coup on 1 February “should maintain heightened security awareness, avoid facilities and vehicles linked to security forces, and move away from anything of concern.”

A curfew is in place. There have been widespread detentions, including of foreigners. Leaving Myanmar is complicated as there are only limited international flights departing Yangon, mainly organized to repatriate foreign citizens. All bookings for departures from Myanmar must be made at least 10 days in advance of the intended departure and be shared with Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Covid-19 infections are increasing rapidly across the country. Medical services are extremely limited. Stay-at-home orders have been imposed across Myanmar, including townships in Yangon. Transit through Singaporefrom Myanmar is currently suspended. Travellers will need a negative Covid-19 (PCR) test to transit through Malaysia.