Vietnam starts vaccine trials

HANOI, 15 December 2020: Vietnam introduced the first phase of human trials of a locally made Covid-19 vaccine this week according to the Minister of Health, Nguyen Thanh Long in a report by the Vietnam Government Portal.

He confirmed Vietnamese producers have worked to accelerate the research of Covid-19 vaccines, with Ivac, Vabiotech and Nanogen completing the production process at laboratory scale and currently evaluating the vaccines’ safety and immunity in animals. Meanwhile, Nanogen is now ready to pilot the first phase of human trials.

Nanogen is conducting the trials with the  Military Medical University by recruiting volunteers for the first phase.

Stressing the significance of Covid-19 vaccine production, the minister of health said the ministry had promoted domestic research and production while enhancing cooperation with international vaccine developers to gain early access to vaccine sources.

He requested vaccine producer Polivac to continue with its research on Covid-19 vaccine while coordinating with Russia and China to improve access to vaccine suppliers in the two nations.

Source: Vietnam News Agency


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