Bangkok offers seniors a 20% discount

BANGKOK, 2 October 2020: Bangkok Airways offers 10 to 20% off its standard fares to Thai citizens who fit five demographic sectors.

The deals are offered to senior citizens 60 years or over, disabled travellers, undergraduates (university students and teachers) travel-related professional and government officials.

According to customary practise “standard fares” are the ones posted on the airline’s website, rather than the commercial fares posted on online travel agencies.

Discounts are applicable on reservations made through to 31 December 2020 with travelling dates from 1 October 2020 onwards.

Thai senior citizens (60 years and above), disabled travellers, students, teachers and travel-related professions will be entitled to a 20% discount. Government officials are eligible for a 10% discount.

Passengers are required to identify themselves to Bangkok Airways reservation staff when booking reservations to take advantage of the offer. Passengers must present relevant documentation as proof to the airline staff when checking in for a flight.


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