VFS Global extends eVOA cover to Vietnam

NEW DELHI, 2 March 2020: VFS Global launches the first online portal to process Vietnam’s eVisa on Arrival for all eligible nationalities worldwide.

Vietnam’s Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh signed off on the Memorandum of Understanding during a recent visit to India that authorises VFS Global as the exclusive service provider of the Government of Vietnam to process an electronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA).

VFS Global processes the eVOA through an exclusive partnership with Vietnam’s embassy in India. The actual authorisation document that must be presented to immigration officers at the border checkpoint is issued by Immigration authorities in Vietnam.

In response to questions from TTR Weekly, VFS Global head of business development Chris Dix said: “The price for the Vietnam eVOA is USD22 for a normal one-month single entry Vietnam eVOA. The turnaround timeline for this is within two working days of your application submission.”

There are different prices depending on the timeframe. The prices for priority visa services (for one-month single entry visa) is USD 27 to receive the visa on the next day of application, and USD33 for same-day processing.

The application has to be submitted before 1215 (Vietnam time) on working days only. Standardised pricing for visa customers across different countries is a key feature of the new Vietnam eVOA solution.

The digitally integrated solution developed by VFS Global as an exclusive service provider to the Embassy of Vietnam in India will offer eVOA applicants a digital wallet/locker (which ensures high levels of data protection). This includes scanned copies of their passport, live facial biometric capture and finally, the receipt of their eVOA approval letters once approved. Customers can also make online payments using the portal.

 Simple steps to obtain an eVOA

1: Visit https://vietnam.vfsevisa.com/ and complete the easy-to-use application form

2: Upload the required documents which are securely transferred on the digital wallet and complete the online payment.

3: Once the online payment has been made and the visa decision is approved, eligible travellers will receive their eVOA approval letters directly into their respective digital wallets.