TAT Launches Amazing Thailand Privileges

BANGKOK, 28 November 2019:  The Tourism Authority of Thailand is promoting new ‘Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Passport Privileges’ to stimulate travel spending by tourists travelling within Thailand until 31 January 2020.

Over 200 participating shops in seven categories have joined the promotion.

Categories include department stores and shops; accommodation; restaurants, bars and cafes; spas; jewellery suppliers; hospitals, clinics and medical facilities plus entertainment and nightlife venues.

Travellers need only to show their passports to be eligible for the discounts

One of the deals offers Thai Airways International passengers an extra 5 Kg baggage allowance if they have return air tickets on direct flights from Japan, South Korea, India and Cambodia, Lao PDR., Myanmar, Vietnam (CLMV), valid up to January 2020.

There are 43 accommodation  deals on the website promoting the offers with discounts of between 15 to 20%

Central Pattana’s department stores and shopping malls are a major partner under the shopping category while King Power Duty-Free is participating by offering 30% discounts on items other than perfumes and cosmetics.

For more details, visitors should check www.passportprivileges.com for a complete list of discounts as well as participating vendors. The website is equipped with Google Translate to localise content in over 30 languages.