Ten must-do tours in Myanmar

YANGON, 13 June 2018: Beyond Boundaries responsible for introducing free walking tours of Yangon has identified top 10 must-do tours in Myanmar.

The trips cover the main destination of Myanmar, but from a different perspective and are either provided by Beyond Boundaries or a collaborating company.

Since it introduced its free Yangon walks last January over 650 visitors have joined the afternoon jaunts scheduled just twice weekly.

Beyond Boundaries also recently joined the newly opened Burma Bistro in Yangon to show clients the interior of one of the restored colonial buildings where it has a tour desk for travellers who need to book bus tickets.

But Mya Nandar Aung, who heads Beyond Boundaries Travel Myanmar, says the company continues to develop new experiences for active independent travellers visiting Myanmar.

“Gone are the days when a traveller visited one temple after another. Today, travellers want to have the freedom to create real experiences, connecting with local people and ensuring the activity also supports the people who are offering local experiences,” she explained.

Free Yangon Walks is the starting point where travellers meet up with guide who walks them around the city’s main attractions. The walking tour and commentary are free. but visitors can make a contribution to support the guide and website.

The company also offers daily morning walks for USD 10 with 10% going to the charity Linkage Restaurant that helps street children to learn a profession in food and beverage.

The company’s top 10 “really cool and affordable experiences” show travellers more than the classics of Myanmar.

Some of the guided experiences are operated by Beyond Boundaries, while others are operated by like-minded companies that aim to provide genuine experiences for independent travellers.

Very few of the 10 trips feature temples, the usual staple diet for Myanmar travellers.

“Visiting Myanmar is about connecting with the Myanmar people and that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve with these top 10 guided trips.” says Beyond Boundaries’ managing director.

Top 10 of guided tours not to miss when visiting Myanmar

  1. Free Yangon Walks – This fits everybody’s budget and is a good introduction to Yangon.

2. Islands and Rivers by Uncharted Horizons – biking to districts across the river from downtown Yangon to discover these unexplored parts of Yangon.

3. A Shwedagon tour – it’s so much more than just the platform so make sure you have a guide to show you the whole neighbourhood.

4. Fishing with dolphins in Mandalay and help to protect this endangered species.

5. Food and drinks you would never dare to try by yourself during the Mandalay Night Bites.

6. Temples and tortoises: discover the cute and endangered Burmese star tortoise while travelling comfortably from Mandalay to Bagan

7. Yes, it’s more than just a pile of bricks and you will need a guide to explain this to you in this Hidden Bagan tour

8. Washing and feeding elephants is probably the most fun thing to do while in Myanmar.

9. Explore Inle Lake by bike and kayak – so much better than taking a motorboat to all the souvenir shops

10. Lunch with a local Kayin family, lime stone mountains, paddy fields by kayak and spectacular cave in Hpa An