Too much tourism hurts

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BARCELONA, 26 June 2017: Tourism has become the main issue of concern for Barcelona’s residents ahead of unemployment, according to a survey published Friday by the city hall of the popular seaside resort.

Rising rental prices, noise and crowds jostling for space in the streets, the disappearance of traditional, every-day stores have all become irritants for those who still live in the central districts of the Mediterranean city, which gets millions of visitors every year.

According to the survey, tourism in this 1.6-million-strong city was considered a problem by 19% of the 800 people polled, overtaking unemployment and working conditions which came in at 12.4% and had since 2009 always been the top concern. Read more

Bid to topple giants

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PARIS, 21 June 2017: China’s C919 and Russia’s MC-21 may be absent from the tarmac at the Paris Air Show, but their makers don’t hide their ambition to nose into the biggest part of the civil aviation market — single-aisle medium-haul aircraft — which is dominated by Airbus and Boeing.

“For decades there were just two families of competing aircraft in the single-aisle segment, the A320 and the 737” built by Airbus and Boeing, said Stephane Albernhe, managing partner at Archery Consulting.

Both firms have been announcing business worth tens of billions of dollars for their mid-range bestsellers at the Paris Air Show, but they’re unlikely to keep the market for themselves for long. Read more

Boeing unveils latest 737

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LE BOURGET, FRANCE, 20 June 2017: Boeing announced Monday what it claims will be the most efficient jet yet to enter the highly competitive civil aviation market, as it tries to claw back market share from rival Airbus.

“Today, it is our pleasure to officially announce the newest member of our 737 family, the 737 MAX 10,” Kevin McAllister, head of the company’s commercial aviation division, told journalists as the Paris Air Show got under way.

It quickly announced more than 100 orders worth some USD13.5 billion (12.1 billion euros), although some were customers changing their selection of models from previous orders. Read more

Paris Air Show opens

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PARIS, 19 June 2017: The aircraft industry descends on Paris, Monday, for the world’s biggest airshow, a prime battleground for bitter rivals Boeing and Airbus, but also a chance for new kids on the block to snap at the heels of the two giants.

Single-aisle planes for short and medium distances are the hottest ticket in the world’s civil aviation industry, with airline demand for models in the Airbus A320 family giving the European company an edge, for now, over its American opponent which is racing to return in force to the mid-range segment.

But the duopoly is not without challengers: Competition is looming, notably from Russia and China who have each been test-flying their own mid-range models. Read more

IAG counts cost of BA’s IT crash

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LONDON, 16 June 2017: Three days of flight disruption at British Airways due to a massive computer crash last month will cost the airline an estimated UKP80 million (92 million euros, USD102 million), its parent company said on Thursday.

“Initial assessment of the gross cost of the disruption is in the order of UKP80 million,” Willie Walsh, chief executive of British Airways owner IAG (International Airlines Group), told a shareholders’ meeting in Madrid.

“British Airways is working hard to ensure that affected passengers are compensated as soon as possible,” he said, adding they had had a “dreadful experience”. Read more

Air Berlin has cash to stay aloft

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BERLIN, 16 June 2017: Struggling German airline Air Berlin insisted, Wednesday, that it has sufficient cash to stay solvent despite suffering heavy losses and a string of flight cancellations.

“Insolvency is not an issue for us. We have sufficient liquidity and a reliable partner, Etihad, which has pledged its support through to October 2018,” a spokeswoman from the airline told AFP.

The Berlin-based airline booked losses amounting to 1.2 billion euros (USD1.3 billion) for the last two years, and depends on cash infusions from key shareholder Etihad for survival. Read more

Lufthansa move A380s to Munich

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FRANKFURT, 15 June 2017: German airline Lufthansa said Tuesday it would transfer five Airbus A380 planes from its Frankfurt home base to Munich, as a dispute with airport operator Fraport rumbles on.

“Starting in summer 2018, Lufthansa will introduce the Airbus A380 in Munich on long-haul destinations to Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Beijing,” the firm said in a statement.

Five of the airline’s 14 A380s — the world’s largest airliner — will move to the Bavaria state capital in southern Germany for the first time. Read more

Tourists skip London attractions

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LONDON, 14 June 2017: Terror attacks in Britain have lowered visitor numbers at London attractions and theme parks run by Merlin Entertainments, the company said on Tuesday.

Merlin, which runs the London Eye and Madame Tussauds and a string of theme parks, said the Westminster attack 22 March in which five people were killed initially led to “a softer domestic, day-trip market”.

Two subsequent attacks in Manchester and London, which killed 30 people and injured dozens more “resulted in a further deterioration in domestic demand,” the company said in a stock market trading update. Read more

More jobs in travel

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LONDON, 13 June 2017: According to a new report by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the global Travel & Tourism sector directly sustains twice as many jobs as the financial sector, and five times as many jobs as the chemicals manufacturing sector.

The WTTC Benchmarking Report 2017 compares Travel & Tourism to eight other sectors, which are considered to have similar breadth and global presence, across 27 countries and six regions.

In 2016, Travel & Tourism supported 108 million jobs directly, and 292 million in total, taking the direct, indirect, and induced impact into account. The report shows that both on direct and total level, Travel & Tourism employs more people than the automotive manufacturing, banking, mining, chemicals manufacturing, and financial services sectors. Read more

Terror scare on easyJet

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LONDON, 12 July 2017: Three British men overheard talking about “terrorist” activities on a London-bound easyJet flight were released on Sunday after being questioned by German police, the airline said.

The Airbus A319 flying from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana was diverted to Germany’s Cologne-Bonn airport on Saturday, causing a major police operation and hours of air traffic chaos.

Passengers on the plane were evacuated using the emergency slides. Read more

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