Hong Kongers use all their vacation days

SINGAPORE, 25 June 2024: Hong Kong residents are most likely to use up all their vacation days and even take more time off than they are allocated, according to the latest Expedia Expedia’s Vacation Deprivation Report released last week.

Hong Kong was the only market where respondents didn’t leave vacation days unused. Instead, they took a few extra days during the year for good measure.

Photo credit: Expedia.

The annual report has been analysing time-off trends worldwide for 24 years.

The 2024 report found that Japanese workers take an average of 12 days off, and surprisingly, Japan boasts the lowest vacation deprivation levels in the world (53%). France and Hong Kong take nearly a month off annually, while Americans struggle to use up just 12 days. 

Expedia Group head of brands public relations Melanie Fish noted: “In Japan, people take time off every month instead of just twice a year. For the French, a full month of vacation still doesn’t feel like enough time.” 

Japanese respondents are almost seven times more likely to vacation monthly. Their strategy takes advantage of federal holidays or office and school closures to schedule frequent, short getaways that allow for a break from the routine and a quick refresh between longer trips.

No one vacations quite like the French, taking the most days off of any country globally. French respondents tend to shy away from the “big trip,” with nearly a third (30%) opting to spread their days out evenly throughout the year.

Coming in as the most vacation-deprived nation this year (84%), German travellers are motivated to make a change and are more determined than ever to use all their time off in 2024.

“No one means to leave vacation days behind, but life gets busy, and it’s the research, planning and booking part that slows us down,” says Fish. “The good news is, in 2024, there’s tech that makes it easier. If flight prices keep you up at night, Price Tracking in the app helps members book without the stress and get to the fun part of a vacation.” 

Through 14 July, vacation-deprived Expedia members can save 25% or more on thousands of hotels with Expedia’s Summer Sale. With deals valid for travel through the end of October. 

About the Vacation Deprivation Report

Expedia first commissioned Vacation Deprivation in  2000 to examine people’s work-life balance worldwide. The annual study is currently in its 24th year and was conducted online among 11,580 respondents across the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Harris Research Partners, a global strategic research firm, commissioned the survey from 26 March to 3 April 2024 on behalf of Expedia. 

(SOURCE Expedia)


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