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MILAN, 8 May 2024: The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) introduced its Hotel Sustainability Basics (known as Basics) last week, achieving a significant milestone: 3,400 properties are now verified across almost 80 countries.

‘Basics’ is designed to help hoteliers take the first steps to improve their sustainability ratings and raise the bar of sustainability across the global hospitality industry. The independent global sustainability verification programme is overseen by internationally recognised verifiers Green Key and SGS.

It empowers hotels of all sizes to follow a 12-step programme to reduce carbon emissions, promote nature conservation, and ensure local communities benefit from a hotel’s operations.

This latest achievement marks a pivotal step in Travel & Tourism towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

Hotels groups from major Travel & Tourism destinations such as Germany, China, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Spain, India, Madagascar, and Turkiye, amongst many others, have joined the groundbreaking initiative.

‘Basics’ has now been adopted by hotels across all continents, signifying major hospitality players’ eagerness to move forward in their sustainability journey.

In addition to its geographical expansion, ‘Basics’ is strengthening the sector’s alignment on sustainability through new strategic partnerships.

A key collaboration with ‘BeCause’ is set to enhance relationships and visibility with Online Travel Agents (OTAs), providing an invaluable platform for hotels committed to sustainable operations.

This initiative reflects WTTC’s dedication to facilitating meaningful connections within the industry promoting a unified approach to sustainability.

‘Basics’ has fully aligned with Green Key, a leading international eco-label for tourism facilities. This means all Green Key-certified hotels are fully compliant with ‘Basics’.

WTTC President & CEO Julia Simpson said: “WTTC’s Hotel Sustainability ‘Basics’ is a powerful testament to our collective effort in promoting sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

“Reaching 3,400 verified properties is not just a milestone; it’s a clear indication that the industry is ready to embrace sustainability on a global scale. This initiative is about uniting hotels, industry partners, and sustainability standards to create a resilient, responsible, and respectful future for our planet.”

Major hotel brands that have adopted ‘Basics’ include Jin Jiang, one of the world’s biggest hotel groups with more than 10,000 hotels, European hotel giant Louvre Hotels Group, Choice Hotels, and Radisson Hotel Group.

Hotel Sustainability Basics has also gained endorsements from destinations worldwide, including the Caribbean, Mauritius, Colombia, UAE, Azerbaijan, Mexico, and Ecuador.

As ‘Basics’ continues to grow and evolve, WTTC remains dedicated to leading the Travel & Tourism sector towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

By bringing together hotels, industry partners, and sustainability standards, WTTC is creating a powerful force for change, driving the adoption of practices that protect the planet while supporting local communities.
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