Macao promotes trips for HK cruise visitors

MACAO, 1 April 2024: Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) recently introduced travel offers tailored for international cruise passengers to encourage them to book an excursion trip to Macao during their ship’s port of call in Hong Kong. 

The offer encourages international cruise visitors to join group tours to Macao during their stopover in Hong Kong when their cruise ships dock at the Hong Kong Cruise Terminal. 

Photo credit: MGTO. Deputy Director of MGTO, Cheng Wai Tong.

Twelve international cruise lines offer Macao group tour products that will help boost twin-destination tourism. These products combine cruise visits to Hong Kong with side trips to Macao.

MGTO hosted a welcome ceremony earlier this month at Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal for a group of cruise visitors. The Deputy Director of MGTO, Cheng Wai Tong, welcomed them.

Since their introduction in March, nearly 90 international cruise passengers from the US, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Turkey have joined Macao group tours.

They arrived in Hong Kong on cruise ships. Then, they extended their trip to Macao on various local tours focusing on heritage, such as “The Historic Centre of Macao” and the Macao Museum, plus visits to the Macau Tower and integrated resorts. 

During their cruise, or on arrival at the harbour in Hong Kong, passengers can purchase Macao tour products on the cruise lines’ websites or at tour counters on board.


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