and Capital A tie the knot

SHANGHAI, 1 April 2024: Capital A announced on Sunday that it has signed a comprehensive partnership with China’s leading global travel service provider, Group, to enhance its travel offerings and market reach across Asia. 

The collaboration encompasses multiple business lines, including AirAsia and AirAsia MOVE, for key areas of cooperation on innovative solutions spanning flights, accommodations, attractions and tickets, car-hailing, and payments.

Photo credit: Capital A.

Building upon a successful strategic partnership, first announced in 2020, this extension underscores the commitment to expanding the ongoing relationship between the two entities. Together, they will continue to broaden AirAsia and AirAsia MOVE’s reach and portfolio of offerings by leveraging Group’s innovative solutions, such as merchandising and Virtual Interline products. Additionally, the collaboration will focus on developing technological solutions to increase revenue and optimise cost efficiencies. 

The two sides will strengthen information sharing on customer trends and market intelligence while committing to improving customer service through collaborations between AirAsia and Group’s customer service teams. 

Meanwhile, TripLink – Group’s financial technology arm – will provide AirAsia Aviation Group with payment solutions. These synergies will create further value for both entities while enabling them to drive innovation and provide better customer value. Group Chief Executive Officer Jane Sun said: “This expansion of the strategic partnership between both companies is an affirmation of the positive outcomes we have seen since we signed our initial agreement in 2020. Group has continually invested in technology to improve our processes and customer experiences, and we are excited to leverage the power of technology as we continue working with Capital A.”

“Our collaboration extends beyond promoting AirAsia flights and ancillary on Group’s platforms,” said Capital A CEO Tony Fernandes. “AirAsia’s inventory and growth plans are focused on China and then getting Group’s customer base into ASEAN. AirAsia MOVE will collaborate on Group hotel inventory and offer MOVE activities, tickets, and ride collaborations for Group users. Together, we will leverage each other’s extensive network and resources to offer enhanced travel experiences to our customers, delivering mutual growth and success for our two organisations.”

The latest partnership comes as global flights show healthy growth during Q1 2024, with bookings on Group’s platforms increasing by 82% compared to the same period last year. In 2023, the Group’s transportation business saw revenue increase by 123% year-on-year. In the same period, Capital A’s revenue increased by 25% compared with 2019 levels despite operating with just 80% of 2019’s aircraft numbers on the back of a strong 88% load factor.


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