TPB boosts member benefits

MANILA, 28 March 2024: The Philippines’ Tourism Promotions Board launched a recruitment drive for its TPB Membership Programme last week that includes participation in the Travel Philippines app.

Last year concluded with the TPB having 859 travel-related members throughout the Philippines. The intention is to recruit industry players from all travel segments, and one of the benefits is inclusion in the Travel Philippines app.

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco.

Under the country’s Tourism Act of 2009, TPB can open its membership ranks to entities, groups, and individuals in the travel trade, congresses, and conventions.

During last week’s membership drive event that attracted 350 travel industry players, TPB COO Marga Nograles commented: “In my short time with TPB, I’ve seen that you are truly the core of our tourism industry. We have so much potential to transform the Philippines into a global tourism leader, and this vision is only achievable through our collective effort.” 

TPB’s work plan for the year is to enhance its membership programme so members prosper in the digital age, by learning how to leverage market intelligence through a series of modules. 

One key benefit ensures members are listed in the Travel Philippines app. Members will be featured in the app’s directory and the destinations tab, making it easier for travellers to reach them when planning a trip to the Philippines. 

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco gave a keynote address at the event to show her support for TPB’s Enhanced Membership Programme. She emphasised that the inclusion of TPB members in the Travel Philippines app is a significant milestone for the tourism industry, as it increases connectivity between tourists and local tourism enterprises.

“The app gives new and existing markets access to information about TPB members. In other words, wherever you may be in the world, you can simply open your phone and access information directly linking tourists to your companies,” stated Secretary Frasco. 

(Source: TPB)


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