AAHK extends relief package

HONG KONG, 3 October 2022: Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) extends its airport community relief package for two months to the end of November 2022 as an ongoing response to the prolonged impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Hong Kong’s economy.

Various fee waivers or concession policies supporting the industry will continue from October to November 2022. They include a full waiver of parking charges for idle passenger aircraft and airbridge fees.

AAHK reduces fees for passenger aircraft landing charges, ramp handling, maintenance and airside vehicles; rents for terminal tenants (lounges and offices); terminal licensees, including commercial services counters and cross-border transport operators and aviation support services such as into-plane fuelling, aircraft maintenance and inflight catering services.

Base rent for tenants in the terminal open for business continues to be waived as part of the relief package. Meanwhile, rental is waived for retail, and catering tenants suspended business.

As the Government eases quarantine requirements for inbound travellers, AAHK said it would review the relief measures considering the business environment.

Currently, about 40 shops and restaurants in the terminal are now providing service. More are expected to re-open to meet the demand from the increase in passenger traffic after a further relaxation of quarantine requirements.

Latest entry rules

Last week, the Hong Kong government introduced its “0+3” programme. Travellers can enter the territory without undergoing a pre-flight PCR test or a three-night hotel quarantine.

However, all inbound passengers must undergo a PCR test on arrival in Hong Kong to receive an amber health pass, followed by medical surveillance at the hotel they booked for three days.

On day one and day two of their hotel stay, they can leave the hotel but cannot enter places such as restaurants, bars, fitness centres, nightclubs, swimming pools, barber shops or “high risk” venues that require a vaccine pass.

On day two, travellers take a PCR test, and if a negative, a blue health pass is issued that allows them full access to Hong Kong as of day three.

It’s far from perfect and costly as it requires travellers to book a hotel for two nights before they can embark on serious travel activities.