PATA tackles food waste in travel

BANGKOK, 2 August  2022: The Pacific Asia Travel Association introduces Food and Plastic Waste Reduction Standard for Tourism Businesses as part of its commitment to the European Union (EU)-funded TourLink project under the EU SWITCH-ASIA Programme.

TourLink aims to drive tour operators and suppliers towards sustainability, from hotels to transport companies and activity providers.

Under the project, PATA collaborates with Thai-EU tourism supply chain members to develop capacity-building initiatives that promote best practices for sustainable tourism growth. PATA plays a crucial role in developing new standards, toolkits and training that empower tourism professionals to embrace sustainability in their operations as the industry recovers from Covid-19.

PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera explained: “PATA is focussed on supporting the industry recovery with tangible in-market projects that can demonstrate practical, responsible and sustainable solutions. We aim to develop and share business models that combine sustainability with profitability. Creating strong sustainability development plans brings businesses a competitive advantage in addressing a growing consumer interest and global need.”

A key component of TourLink involves achieving common standards for sustainability in the industry to transform Thailand into a leading sustainable tourism destination. According to TourLink project manager Peter Richards, “Strengthening tourism and hospitality businesses’ sustainability will help the sector become more resilient in the face of future crises, save critical resources and boost overall morale as we prepare for a greener tourism reopening.”

Following PATA’s BUFFET Toolkit and Plastic Free Toolkit for Tour Operators, PATA recently published the Food and Plastic Waste Reduction Standard for Tourism Businesses. The standards enable tourism businesses, professionals and communities to reduce food waste and plastic waste in their operations.

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