Countries tighten Covid precautions

SEOUL, South Korea, 17 February 2021: Health authorities are tightening entry measures for travellers from African countries effective 22 February.

According to the latest travel advisory update, travellers from African countries must submit negative Covid-19 PCR test results issued within 72 hours before their departure date.

They must quarantine for 14 days at government-designated facilities upon arrival and test again for Covid-19 during the quarantine period. Foreigners will be denied boarding on South Korea bound flights if they fail to present a negative Covid-19 test certificate.

Meanwhile, Sweden has extended the ban on entry from Denmark, Norway and the UK until 31 March due to fears the new variant of Covid-19 could be imported.

Exemptions to the entry ban apply to just travellers, including foreign nationals who can prove that they live or work in Sweden. Travellers permitted to enter from the three countries must present negative Covid-19 tests valid for 48 hours up to the date of arrival.

For travellers planning a visit to the UK, they must show a negative Covid-19 test result before departure for the UK and self-isolate for 10 days after arrival. Further PCR tests are carried out during the 10-day period. If tests are negative, the quarantine could shorten to around seven to eight days.

You won’t be allowed to enter the UK if you’ve been to a country on a prescribed list in the last 10 days unless you’re a UK resident.

Effective from Monday 15 February 2021, the UK and Irish nationals and UK residents arriving from the red-list countries are required to quarantine in government-provided hotel accommodation for 10 days. The hotel fee for the 10-days is UKP1,750.

Passengers arriving in the UK from countries not on the prescribed list will be required to self-isolate in their homes for 10 days. All arrivals to the UK are now required to take a PCR test on day two and eight post-arrival.

For travellers arriving in Scotland, the 10-day hotel quarantine requirement applies to all visitors from all countries except Ireland.

A national lockdown remains in place across the UK. Non-essential retail, gyms and personal care services are closed. Restaurants, pubs and bars also remain closed.