The Maldives split stays are back

MALE, 27 October 2020: The Maldives Minister of Tourism, Abdulla Mausoom, posted on his Twitter account that 12 airlines are now operating services with another six due to commence services in November.

First reported by Raajje MV, a television channel in the Maldives, the Minister claimed that by the end of November “at least 18 airlines” would connect the Maldives to the world and that travellers could enjoy the flexibility of splitting their holiday with strays on different resort islands.

“Split Stays are now allowed at all types of tourist accommodation facilities in the Maldives, with prior approval as per split stay guideline issued by the Tourism Ministry,” he told his followers.

“Split Stay” allow visitors who are staying longer in the Maldives to visit and stay in more than one resort location. They are permitted between resorts that meet all compulsory requirements under the “split stay guideline” approved by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). Guess must request approval for split stays at the tourism ministry two days before the travelling date.

The Maldives opened its borders for international travel on 15 July one of the first countries in Asia to allow leisure travellers to enter the country without restrictions.

Earlier this month, authorities had also extended the validity time for negative PCR certification from 72 hours to 96 hours before the tourist arrives in the Maldives.

The ministry reported that 31,801 tourists arrivals had visited the country from 15 July to 21 October with 958 flight movements.

 From 1 to 21 October 12,934 tourists arrived in the country.

However before the lockdown on 27 March the country welcomed 382,760 tourist arrivals from 1 January to 27 March.

(Source: Raajje MV)