PG brings back inflight snacks

BANGKOK, 16 September 2020: Bangkok Airways (PG) resumed in-flight meal service on Tuesday but limits it to providing snack boxes.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, airlines are allowed to provide snack boxes to passengers during flights.  However, the guidelines say airlines should temporarily refrain from serving tea and coffee.

Thai Lion has already announced it will resume sales of inflight snacks and drinks, but Vietjet flies without any meal or drink service and forbids passengers from bringing their own refreshments on board.

Passengers are required to wear a mask during the flight, except while eating according to the most recent announcement from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand on guidelines for Air Operators performing operations (Covid-19 No. 3).

In addition, CAAT will allow airlines to resume offering inflight shopping trolley services as of 1 October.

Be vigilant follow the rules

Passengers are advised to follow health and safety rules throughout the journey, including the transfers at airports. They should wear masks at all times, practice social distancing (recommended distance 2m) wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizers provided by airports and airlines.

Budget airlines continue to use bus transfers (terminal to aircraft) to save costs instead of airbridges that are a safer health option. Social distancing cannot be maintained on a transfer bus, but so far airlines are failing to do what is right by passengers and switch to just airbridge transfers.