Airlines clean up their cabins

BANGKOK, 30 January 2020: Thai Airways International and THAI Smile Airways have activated preventive measures for aircraft, inflight service, and ground customer services to guard against acute respiratory infections caused by the novel coronavirus.

Both airlines have implemented measures such as antiseptic spraying and cleaning procedures inside the aircraft, at check-in counters and ground service transport that comply with guidelines issued by the Ministry of Public Health and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

The two airlines are now screening passengers at service areas prior to boarding and passengers exhibiting symptoms will be reported to airport physicians on duty who will perform a health inspection to confirm if the passenger is fit to fly.

Cabin crew must wear face masks and gloves on flights to and from high-risk areas in China.
Passengers are prohibited from touching inflight catering equipment.
Lavatories must be cleaned more frequently during flights.
Passengers who exhibit symptoms during a flight will be given face masks.

During flights, the crew will observe passengers for possible symptoms and advise the international infectious disease control unit prior to arrival if they have passengers they suspect are showing flu-like symptoms.

Aircraft cabins and cockpit will be disinfected after all flights return from China for 15 minutes and then closed for 30 minutes to allow the disinfection to be effective.  A deep clean of 36 touchpoints in the cabin will be undertaken between flights.