Exo Travel goes carbon neutral

BANGKOK 5 November 2019:  EXO Travel, a leading destination management company in Asia, announced Monday its latest efforts to fight climate change with carbon-neutral holidays.

The DMC will fully offset their entire carbon footprint for their company’s operations, including travel, office use, and staff commutes.

It also offers an option for clients to travel carbon neutral with a minimal fee.

Taking the lead is the company’s not-for-profit arm, EXO Foundation, which is organising tourism activities that minimise travellers carbon footprint. It is also promoting wildlife experience that encourages the preservation of natural habitats, regrowing forests in Vietnam and Borneo and working with NEXUS for Development to purchase carbon credits to offset all regional flights that are purchased via EXO Travel for staff and customers.

Furthermore, guests can now make their holiday completely carbon neutral by choosing to offset the carbon from their flights, hotels, activities and transport for a small fee. Carbon credits or funds will go towards protecting and regrowing forests, cleaner energy and wildlife protection in places that need them most.

EXO has integrated a carbon calculation mechanism into its operating system, so the system will generate the average carbon cost of each trip. This value is then given to their guests who can choose if they’d like to offset the carbon footprint of their trip.

Product and Marketing Director, Ruben Derksen says, “It costs around USD1.50 per person per day to offset their carbon footprint. So for a 10- day holiday, it will cost a guest USD 15. It’s incredibly cheap to do the right thing, and we think we can generate a lot of funds to protect, regrow and fund reforestation efforts in Asia”. EXO believes that they should be able to plant at least 20,000 new trees in 2020 as a result of funding generated by the programme.