Amantaka launches Buddhist retreats

LUANG PRABANG, 19 September 2019: Aman’s Amantaka resort has launched a Buddhist Learning Centre, in Luang Prabang World Heritage town in northern Laos.

Designed to educate visitors in the principals of Buddhism, the centre is located in the grounds of the resort at the foot of the town landmark, Mount Phousi.

Amantaka Resort consists of a large garden estate, with villas each with their own pools, a yoga studio and an Aman Spa.

The Buddhist Learning Centre within the resort provides sessions led by the abbot Sengdao Santikaro.

Daily private lessons run for 90 minutes offering insights and knowledge of Buddhism. The sessions take place at the resort’s yoga studio. In addition, Senior Monk Sombath Watsiphoutthabat offers personalised tours of Wat Siphoutthabath temple, giving a glimpse into his world and creating a truly authentic travel experience.

Buddhist practice is experienced through a variety of moments at the resort. Every evening, for 45 minutes, an abbot makes his way through the property chanting, demonstrating Luang Prabang’s deep spirituality and commitment to faith, while at dawn, 70 monks walk their daily route past the entrance of Amantaka, offering an opportunity for guests to donate alms.

Luang Prabang will host the annual Light Festival, an occasion to show respect to the spirit of the river 12 to 14 October.

Temples are decorated with colourful candles, garlands and paper stars, but the highlight is the paper boat parade that makes its way around the town, towards the Mekong River.

For those seeking to add to their spiritual education at Amantaka, Buddhist Spiritual Master Geshe Yong Dong will lead Journey to Peace, a six-night retreat at the resort, 22 to 28 November.

Geshe will share the ancient lessons of the Bon Tibetan Tradition, enabling participants to find the serenity of mind and spirit they seek.

Aman was founded in 1988 with the opening of the Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand.  Today, the Aman group has grown to encompass 38 hotels and resorts in 22 destinations worldwide.

Future openings include Aman Kyoto (2019), Aman New York (2020) and Amanvari in Mexico (2020).