OYO taps Hotelbeds network

NEW DELHI, 24 April 2019: Hotelbeds a B2B bedbank and OYO Hotels & Homes, have signed a global distribution partnership the hotel group’s first-ever distribution partnership with a bedbank.

The partnership provides OYO with access to more than 60,000 travel buying intermediaries worldwide that use the Hotelbeds platform, including tour operators, airline websites, points redemption programmes, loyalty plans from more than 140 source markets.

Hotelbeds’ clients will gain access to OYO’s portfolio of more than 18,000 franchised and leased hotels and over 10,000 homes and villas, across 10 countries; India, China, Malaysia, Nepal, the UK, UAE, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and now Japan.

Through this partnership, OYO Hotels & Homes, will be able to distribute its hotel rooms via both the wholesale channel, which operates under the ‘Hotelbeds’ name and the retail travel agent channel, which operates under the ‘Bedsonline’ brand – all united under one contract.

Last October last year, Hotelbeds announced the consolidation of all of its brands in the wholesale channel — GTA, Tourico Holidays and Hotelbeds— under the name of Hotelbeds, phasing out the Tourico Holidays and GTA brands.

In February, Hotelbeds also announced that now 90% of its current 180,000 hotel partners now have access to all of the 60,000 travel buying intermediaries – such as tour operators and travel agents – that use the company’s platform, following the integration of GTA and Tourico Holidays.