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BANGKOK, 10 April 2019: Frequent travellers Asher and Lyric Fergusson decided to leave no stone unturned to discover how affordable are five-star hotel stays worldwide.

After having “several nightmare experiences with Airbnb” the couple embarked on research to compare the costs of five-star luxury hotels as a more reliable alternative to vacation rentals.

“By doing this research we’d know our options and whether or not we could afford to stay at the best accommodation in any given destination to which we might be going,” Asher Fergusson stated in a preamble to the findings.

“It turns out that it is possible to find affordable opulence if you go to the right place.”

Forwarded to TTR Weekly this week we clicked on the link to the data wondering if two travellers would have the resources to give valuable takeaways on where to find a bargain in the luxury five-star market. Obviously research is not just in the hands of global organisations in an era free-flow online information.  Alex and Lyric have the leads and hints on where to head for a five-star bargain.

Offering two averages one covering stays registered in each of the four climatic seasons and the other for the peak season, the research reveals the cost of a week-night stay in five-star hotels across 100 destinations worldwide

Click on website link below to view data.

There are a few surprises in the chart the most notable one being Dubai cited as the third cheapest for five-star stays at a year-round average of USD105 with a peak season average of USD146.

Manila came in as the cheapest spot to stay in the lap of luxury with the five-star stay having a year-round average of just USD111 and a high peak season average of USD120.

The ranking starts with Europe’s St Moritz in first place fielding the highest priced stay, an honour that will set the luxury holiday seeker back a robust USD959 (year-round average) and a whopping USD2,107 during the peak season. 

Counting down the chart from the most expensive to cheapest, Tokyo turns out to be top priced Asian city with the yearly average at USD875 and a peak season average high of USD1,238.

Fiji is the next highest of all the Asia-Pacific resort destinations with an annual average of USD888 and a peak season high of USD1043.

Focusing on Asia, the Maldives ranked 26 has the highest annual average at USD788 and a peak season average of USD936.

Phuket is not far behind in 35th place with an annual average of USD463 and a peak season high of USD793.

Competing against the world’s top island resorts Bali wins hands down in 93rd place by the far the cheapest option for a luxury island holiday. The annual average is USD171 and the peak season average USD188.

As for city destinations head for Manila (100th) or Singapore (84th) where the annual average is USD267 and the peak season average USD278 for a luxury stay.

Bangkok is on the pricy side in 65th place with an annual average of USD354 and a peak season average of  USD412.

While rates are higher than in Shanghai (81st), the Thai capital is cheaper than Hong Kong (41st) but not Seoul in the 89th spot with an annual average of USD212 and a peak season high of USD242.

Data and rates were sourced on TripAdvisor and directly on hotel websites when necessary.

Source Asher & Lyric

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