Outcry over Hitler room

BANGKOK, 5 October 2018: A Bangkok ‘short-time” love hotel has allegedly decorated a room dedicated entirely to the Nazi leader and mass murderer Adolf Hitler, prompting an official complaint from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

ThaiVisa.com posted the story, based on a report in the Jerusalem Post on Thursday. It called for swift action by local authorities to shutdown the offending room.

However, details of the hotel’s so-called “Hitler” room were first presented by Coconuts Bangkok, last week, in a feature on Bangkok’s “love hotels” often referred to as short-time or curtain hotels.

Photo credit: SWC

The offending room is allegedly on the premises of Love Villa Hotel, located Nonthanaburi province that borders Bangkok to the northwest.

Coconuts Bangkok said it opened two years ago, has 40 rooms, each with different décor, and charges rates of THB380 to THB590.

Other media sources said couples pay THB410 for the first three hours and THB150 for each subsequent hour.

It was the “Hitler” room that caught Coconut Bangkok reporter’s eye. It also caught the eye of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem. On its Facebook Page, it called on Thai Authorities to act against the “Hitler Hotel Room” in Bangkok.

“Bangkok is a major international tourist destination. There is no excuse in 2018, for any establishment in any civilised country to turn Hitler into a motif for a hotel room, declared Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action for the SWC.

“We expect that Thai authorities will move swiftly to either close the establishment, or demand that such a room be redesigned immediately.”

Photo credit: SWC

Rabbi Cooper, a frequent visitor to Asia, including Thailand, added: “This is far from the first incident where Nazis and Nazism have been celebrated or highlighted in Thailand.”

The Holocaust, a genocide primarily of Jews during World War II, was initiated by Nazi Germany, lead by its leader Hitler.

The offending room, Spartan in appearance, is draped with photos of the man who headed the murder of over six million Jews, as well as a swastika along on one wall.

But the “Hitler room” for reasons not explained features a drape of the Communist hammer and sickle emblem on another wall. Apparently other rooms have country themes and one is dedicated to guns, possibly a more appropriate theme for a love nest.

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