VOX hires travel veteran as CMO

SINGAPORE, 7 March, 2018:  POPGuide the high performance mapping app and audio-guide system, has named John Boulding as CMO.

This move is part of a major global expansion that sees Vox Group rapidly building its footprint across the wider tourism industry.

Vox Group president, Elio Epifani said: “John and his marketing team are creating a sales force to distribute POPGuide through tour operators, attractions, hotels, travel agencies, MICE and institutions.”

Left to right Vox CEO Fabio Primerano, CMO John Boulding, VOX Group President Elio Epifani

POPGuide is an easy-to-use solution and is backed by Vox, one of the biggest names in the business of travel audio-guides.

POPGuide allows any business engaging with travellers to communicate directly with their customers in their language.

The app operates offline, so users can avoid roaming charges. It is geo-tagged to integrate audio, images and text with main city highlights for a fully interactive experience.

POPGuide focus on a white-label approach, which means the app can be customised and branded by its partners to add value.

Boulding and his team will reach out to tour operators, travel agents, hotels, museums and venues to show how POPGuide can communicate with their customers.

The app will enable travellers to get around easily when they are on holiday, save on data-roaming and receive local expertise and up-to-date information translated into their local language (either by text or audio).

Left to right Vox CEO Fabio Primerano CMO John Boulding VOX Group President Elio Epifani

Before joining Vox on the POPGuide project, Boulding was previously two decades at the helm of Insight Vacations as global CEO.

Headquartered in Rome, the company has over 50 offices around the world including three offices in China and one in Hong Kong.

Vox Group already provides radio-based,  audio-guiding equipment for many Asian partners, but the biggest single use of the technology so far is in the Vatican, where around 2 million visitors a year use the system to explore St Peter’s Basilica and the museums.

Future adoption will target tour operators, hotels, tourist boards, cruise companies and transfer specialists.

The app in various languages, including Mandarin, covers more than 250 cities, with further destinations being brought on stream.