Royal Cliff scholarship day

Smiling faces as the senior management hand  annual scholarship to children of  staff.

PATTAYA, 23 January 2018; Senior management of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group distributed annual scholarships to the children of staff working at the beachside hotel, located on the headland just south of Pattaya main bay.

Annually, to mark Children’s Day, the hotel distributes more than THB300,000 in scholarships to children who perform well academically to support their educational needs.

To win a scholarship the employee must be performing well at work and their children must attain good grades at school.

Royal Cliff Beach Resort was one of the first five-star properties in Pattaya and has maintained its position with frequent upgrades and renovation projects in addition to expanding facilities such as a convention centre the largest in the resort town.

It also prides itself on retaining its staff many of whom have worked at the resort’s various properties for decades.