China searches up 80% after visa-free green light

SYDNEY, 3 July 2024: Following the recent announcement that China has included Australia on its visa-free list, Australian travellers have significantly increased search interest. search data reveals that Australian users have increased their use of China-related keywords by 80%, highlighting their strong interest in this visa-free scheme.

The news late last month also sparked an increase in bookings on almost immediately, with a 20% increase in bookings from Australia to China. 

From January to May this year, has recorded a significant upward trajectory in flight search volumes from Australia to China, with a notable 154% increase in search volumes compared to the same period last year.  

Travel to Australia: Strong Interest from APAC has also seen a significant increase in bookings to Australia, particularly from key markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Overall, booking data shows a more than 150% rise in bookings to the destination in Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023, with China, Korea, and Japan being the main contributors to this growth.

In order to promote Australia as a destination, recently signed a strategic partnership with Tourism Western Australia. This strategic partnership aims to promote Western Australia’s unique and captivating tourism experiences across key Asian markets, including China.

Interest in China on the rise 

Interest in China has been increasing globally since the country expanded its unilateral visa-free travel policy, with 14 countries and regions added to the arrangement from November 2023 until the present. In Q1 2024, there was a significant 400% growth in inbound travel to China, driven by the benefits of such visa-free policies.

To encourage travellers from Australia to explore China, launched its “One Flight Away to China” campaign. Travellers can take advantage of special product promotions, such as flights, hotels, and attractions. This includes promo codes offering up to AUD200 off flights to China and AUD50 off hotel stays. has introduced several initiatives to make travel to China more convenient for visitors. The app features a ‘China Travel Guide’, providing practical information on navigating the country. This includes details on entry requirements, internet access, payment, transportation, and more, accompanied by easy-to-follow tips and explanatory videos.

Besides this, has also launched an array of products, including a free Shanghai Express Transit Tour and curated package tours as part of its SUPER CHINA Campaign. It’s also partnering with a leading digital payment platform to help simplify payments for international travellers in China.


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