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SYDNEY, 12 June 024: The Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA) has issued a reminder to consumers about the importance of booking travel through ATAS-accredited businesses following the recent collapse of Calypso Destinations

The ATIA advisory was issued in the wake of the collapse of tour operator Calypso Destinations, which has reportedly left Sydney parents, coaches, and junior cricket players out of pocket, reportedly to the tune of AUD1 million. Tour operator Calypso Destinations was not ATAS accredited.

ATIA CEO Dean Long commented: “The unfortunate situation with Calypso Destinations serves as a reminder of why it’s crucial to look for the ATAS seal when booking travel. ATAS accreditation means the business has undergone rigorous financial reviews and meets strict industry criteria to safeguard your travel plans.”

Established in Sydney in 2013, Calypso Destinations collapsed on 30 May, according to Sydney Morning Herald’s breaking news. The company was best known for its sports-related tourism accounts, including cricket and sports clubs, but it was also a prominent player in the events business and booked worldwide cruise line sailings for its clients. Social media accounts and websites have all gone offline.

ATAS is the Australian travel sector’s prestigious accreditation programme. It sets the industry benchmarks and distinguishes exemplary travel businesses.

ATAS accreditation is contingent upon stringent criteria, including an in-depth analysis of business models, compliance with Australian Consumer Law, indemnity insurance verification, workforce qualification standards, annual financial reviews, daily director checks, and robust consumer complaints programmes.

Consumers are encouraged to always look for the ATAS seal when booking travel to ensure they are dealing with a reputable and reliable provider for their travel.



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